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December 03, 2019 7 min read

"For him." They can be notoriously challenging to buy for, but the ones who need to experience our care most. So, we've pulled together products and experiences that complement what you're already lavishing on him this Christmas. We've tried to cover several styles and price points, as well as elaborate on a healthy number of everyday items alongside ones that will inspire the men in your life with the faith and virtue they need to claim their crowns and pledge their allegiances to God each and every day, especially as we all prepare for the Christchild's birth.


  1. The Gift of a Mass - There is literally no greater gift than a mass prayed and offered for the man you love. Try this request from St. Michael's Abbey, which you can fill out online and expect the mass and the physical card to be offered soon after.
  2. Jacket in Jacquard Silk with Royal Patch - This very elegant jacket could reflect inner royalty while lending itself oh so well to all the cigars and whiskeys among friends, where the world really changes.
  3. 1827 Mexico 1/8 Reale Zacatecas NGC Unc Details - Is he a collector? This valuable rare coin is sold by Meridian Coin, owned and operated by a reputable dealer, David Cloyed. The radiant young angel is beautiful as it is valuable.
  4. Apple AirPods Pro - The all new AirPods by Apple are touted as noise-cancelling and sound-enhancing...we picture the relief that comes from blocking out the distractions so he can focus on what he wants to. Alternatively, these ones by Sony will also work well.
  5. Face of Christ on Wooden Cross Fine Art, Center Peace Works x Royals - Maria Franklin's work forms an extensive visioning and crafting process behind the handcarved wax and brass casting of Jesus' face and its framing on the reclaimed cedar. Each piece comes out of her heart contemplating God's Heart and what flows through her hands is a striking capturing of His Face.
  6. The Aqua Sacra Holy Water Decanter, Aspergillum and Pack of Blessings is a whole new take on where to store and how to use holy water. This large sized decanter of engraved crystal comes with a full explanation of how to use it, but mainly it is designed to be an upgrade from the plastic bottles and jugs of recent years. The aspergillum, or sprinkler, is dipped in the water and then splashed on those present, if you wish. The Pack of Blessings is a group of several official blessings compiled by priest friends, and include blessings for many occasions, such as waking up, illness, before a sports event, etc.
  7. Although the Pack of Blessings comes with the Aqua Sacra Holy Water Decanter, it can also be bought separately here. It can be helpful to use official blessings of the Catholic church when blessing those you love because there are special particular graces that come through formulas that are designed for the purpose of achieving the end result.
  8. Executive Tan Leather Punching Bag - This stunning punching bag is designed for years of sparring and a statement piece between workouts. New Zealand-based MVP, an acronym for "Modest Vintage Player," reimagines old-school sporting goods using timeless materials that age with class. Help him put his physical health alongside the spiritual and vice versa.
  9. Monk Manual - We'll just quote their website, because...enough said.Live Life Full. For over 2000 years men and women have set out for the hills, fields and mountains to become Monks - searching for happiness, freedom, peace, joy, balance, fulfillment, confidence, stability, passion and God. Who says the rest of us can’t experience the same things?Drawing from the wisdom of monastic life, modern psychology and best practices in personal productivity, the Monk Manual provides a daily system that will help you find clarity, purpose, wisdom, and peace in the moments that make up your life.WOW.
  10. "What Good Shall I Do This Day" Limited Edition Enamel Franklin Cups by Best Made Co. - For camping or even for everyday, these cups encourage men to fight for good from the start of the day and then make an examen at the end.
  11. Black Stainless Steel Cross by We Are All Smith - A modern take on the traditional Christian cross, made of stainless steel and powder coating. Includes chain length options.
  12. Document Holder by Brunello Cucinelli - Burnished grained vachetta briefcase with buckles. The philosopher-entrepreneur, Brunello Cucinelli, runs a humanist empire that treats its employees and customers with the utmost dignity. The king of cashmere also delivers on unrivaled quality…so it is never “just” a product, and the investment buyers make is in his thriving vision and town shaped by his impact. In times of far reaching abuse brought on by the globalization of fast fashion, Cucinelli continues to take the costly human-centric approach. The man in your life can wear his brand with complete confidence that its provenance is worthy.
  13. The Advantage, Etc. - Businessmen and businesswomen of every age and stage of their careers should own the entire Pat Lencioni library. Founder and owner of The Table Group, Pat Lencioni's primary mission in life is to get companies organizationally healthy. Along the way, he shares his genius on many pertinent topics, such as leadership, teamwork, how to be a CEO, etc. over and over in palatable, hilarious ways that will make you feel like you've sat through the world's best TED talks. If your man is involved in the business of life - anywhere from corporate life to youth minister reality - then grab this collection ASAP.
  14. PlusUs Lifecard Portable Power Charger - This phone charger is the thickness of 3 credit cards and slips seamlessly into any man's wallet.
  15. The Pope and the CEO by Andreas Widmer - Has your man read this book yet? Available by physical copy and audiobook, The Pope and the CEO gets to the heart of key lessons for every CEO from the example of Pope St. John Paul II. As a young Swiss Guard at the Vatican, Mr. Widmer got to know John Paul personally. Upon his departure, he chose to build upon leadership lessons learned through John Paul's witness and those few wise interactions, as Mr. Widmer went on to become a successful serial entrepreneur and now professor of the Busch School of Business at Catholic University of America.
  16. Ghirelli Magnificat Rosary in Hematite and Silver - A new way of wearing your rosary, Ghirelli Rosaries has created a luxury line of rosaries to be fastened about the wrist by a crucifix clasp, then removed when it comes time to pray. By appointment only. Email for pricing and availability concierge@houseofroyals.com.
  17. Word On Fire's The Pivotal Players - Everything by Bishop Robert Barron and his team at Word On Fire is very obviously infused with charism and grace of the Holy Spirit. This work based on key saints, or players, throughout history, pieces together the background story to God's master plan in the strategic instrumentality of these humans that lend themselves to God's work. It is utterly inspiring and yet another magnificent installment in Word On Fire's Catholicism series. We are also linking the two updates since this pack was made, those of: Fulton Sheen and Flannery O'Connor, as well as Saint Augustine and Saint Benedict.
  18. Chrism Beard Balm - Count on Catholic men to blend the holy chrism used in baptism, confirmation, anointing and orders with the balm used for grooming. Welcome to a lovely scented beard balm.
  19. FORMED by the Augustine Institute - It is highly likely that your man's local parish has a subscription to FORMED, Catholic on demand viewing, which has become an absolute must have resource for thousands of movies, programs, audio and books, for all ages. From the engaging formation sessions to the collection of entertainment, FORMED will support the faith of a whole family.
  20. Camp Kodiak Alaska - This father-son summer camp adventure will be the experience of a lifetime. Fulfilled entirely by certified outfitters with a homebase owned by Camp Kodiak, leaders and guides include not only experienced founders who have run the camp year after year, but also a group of priests along for confession and mass throughout. Take faith to the next level on this wilderness adventure for fathers and sons.
  21. The Juniper Flatware Set by Best Made Co. - A set for 6 created of stainless steel and juniper wood in Laguiole, France, a region known to specialize in high quality knives. Comes in an ebony box.
  22. The Eight Stations of Advent - A new meditation resource for preparing for Christmas, this devotional will add structure to daily Advent prayer.
  23. The Paradiso Blend of Mystic Monk Coffee - Is the man you love a master taster? Let him test his cupping on this heavenly blend. Most of the Carmelite made coffee has been rated over 90, and the rave online reviews prove its appeal on the customer side.
  24. Daring Greatly Poster - One of the most rousing speeches of all time, The Man in the Arena has become the rallying cry for the modern culture warrior. It is not the critic who counts, but the man getting bruised and bloodied in the arena actually doing something good.
  25. As we mentioned over in the gift guide for the young men in your lives, Leo Gallegos is just getting started with several brands and outlets for change. Currently, he is out to inspire and motivate men "to accept and grow into their true identities as sons of God and in brotherhood with Christ...to free men (Libertas!) from anything that distances them from this identity. We believe to live in this truth, to live as loved sons of God, makes men fully alive." His clothing at Libertas and hilarious merch created for famous Twitch streamers, the Blevins brothers, are just a start.
  26. Camel Cashmere Double Cloth Scarf - A soft, impeccable, pure cashmere scarf that also does good.
  27. A Napa Institute Experience In Northern Italy - Join the Napa Institute as they explore the regions of Tuscany and Veneto in the spring of 2020. Daily mass with the accompanying chaplain in different churches around Italy, reflections on Florentine masterworks and the lives of so many great Italian saints. Private tours, private meals, private vineyards...this trip will be as luxurious as it is formative.
  28. ARCHANGEL Social Impact Fund - Does the man you love have everything and prefer to *give* this Christmas? Join the brand new "Catholic Shark Tank" that is raising up young entrepreneurs and their initiatives. ARCHANGEL and ARCHETYPE believe in 4XROI: financial, personal, communal and cultural. Every project aligns with best business practices and Catholic social doctrine, and ARCHETYPE invests significant services and manpower into hedging a project's success. ARCHANGEL is currently open for investment applications. Email concierge@archetype.group


May the men in your life feel our respect and power for their inner leadership and their influence over the wellbeing of so many. They're changing the world and we want to get behind them.

See our gift guide for the Little Royals here, Young Women Royals here, Young Men Royals here, and For Women here And if you haven't, join our email list below for ongoing updates.

Happy Advent & a Merry Christmas, hopefully surrounded by Grace,


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