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August 31, 2021 6 min read

Fall is a cherished season by many, and, while we at times feel sadness at the departure of summer, fall and winter seasonal decor is utterly cozy and welcome, and is such a consolation! This is all the more true for those who incorporate SACRAMENTALS into everyday life. Living by natural seasonal rhythms is the opportunity to shift and grow ourselves, and SACRAMENTALS are those tangible items that we set apart ("consecrate") to bless us in a particular way that touches our HEARTS and our HOMES in a spiritual way throughout seasons of life. Fall is a dreamy time to bring in a new blanket, candle or tablescape that will be used as a reminder to elevate the spirit heavenward and something bright and warm to hang onto as darkness falls.

Here are 5 cozy fall accents that can be sacramentals for you this year:



There is nothing more sacred and more soothing than a fall candle. The sweet and cleansing aroma of beeswax wafting through your home to a backdrop of heartfelt prayers...raises the heart to heaven with so little effort...
At Royals, we share two styles of votive candles, the large "LUX SANCTA", an oversized raw alabaster vessel with the Sacred Heart emblazoned on it, which comes with a handpoured 100% pure beeswax insert. We also feature the "LITTLE LUX", a glass crown that comes in three styles with a Sacred Heart holy medal: gold, silver or iridescent.

TIP: Look for beeswax or coconut wax candles when purchasing this fall. Beeswax is known to be not only non-toxic, but also surprisingly purifies the air within the vicinity of the candle! It also is reminiscent of old churches with that lingering scent of incense and handdipped candles mingled with prayers. If you want your home to smell like fall without the toxins in paraffin or soy, try a beeswax or coconut wax based candle.


The glorious Lux Sancta Alabaster Prayer Candle is a translucent stone that radiates and glows in the darkness and emits a delicious honey scent, reminiscent of churches of old and prayers sent to heaven. Each candle comes already blessed.

The lovely little Lux Sancta crown candle is an affordable and lovely addition to a home at fall, and comes with beeswax inserts...and can be refilled with tea lights of any kind. Shown in silver. P.S. This makes a very darling gift.


2. Blankets

After candles, throw blankets are the most common fall addition to a home sanctuary. Have you ever been enveloped in the warmth of pure cashmere or merino wool blankets? Let us upgrade your fall decor to a really luxurious and spiritual experience... Discover the Royals’ all new way of designing blankets, creating from the highest quality materials and then consecrating them with a blessed medal and ‘textile blessing’ (yes, a textile blessing exists and we bless your blanket with it!) as a reminder of your royalty. You will find hours of peace and comfort for you and those you love, wrapped in the warmth of grace. Several of our cashmere blankets also double as shawls, should you choose.

Back in stock is the Royals Sacred Heart Cashmere Prayer Blanket that is woven in Mongolia by the best cashmere fibers that are known locally as 'king fiber', which feels appropriate for our Royals customers. The fibers are sorted by color so that each blanket is organic and undyed. It bears a large sterling silver Sacred Heart medal. This blanket comes in an organic oatmeal color, and is super soft and lightweight, an instant favorite.

The Royals Merino Wool Chunky Knit Prayer Blanket is handwoven (that's how they get those huge loops) and the wool comes from Australia. It comes with a silk ribbon rosary encrusted with over 100 Swarovski crystals, which can be woven in prayer into the blanket.

Children everywhere are loving the cozy bamboo blankets in honor of the Queen of Heaven's mantle...they are oversized, durable and the softest blanket we carry, as bamboo fibers are so wonderfully silky soft that even adults are wearing these as prayer shawl. They come in night sky and floral patterns called Wrapped In Evening Stars and A Mother's Blush, taken from the clothing of Our Lady of Guadalupe; and they come in Sancti Infantis white double layer quilt with embroidered crown and the phrase "I am a royal child of God" upon them.

The Royals Sacred Heart Cashmere Prayer Blanket is a luxurious addition to a home sanctuary, is durable, soft, cozy for two, and can be used also as a wrap.

The Royals Merino Wool Chunky Knit Prayer Blanket and Swarovski encrusted rosary ribbon envelops everyone...it's oversized and the most accessible chunky knit on the market!

Wrapped In Evening Stars and A Mother's Blush, taken from the clothing of Our Lady of Guadalupe; and Sancti Infantis embroidered blankets.



3. Wraps & Hats

Wrap yourself and those you love in luxurious cashmere accessories handwoven and stitched with a beautiful Sacred Heart medal medal in honor of the presence of the King in your life, and how loved and royal you are. While not technically decor, these accessories are too much fall favorites not to include! Royals Sacred Heart Cashmere wraps, scarves and hats come in various organic colors, knits, weaves and weights for all times of year will warm your heart and home, and make a perfect gift this season.  More than just another brand name cashmere accessory, this one is designed with your transcendent royalty in mind.

There are more colors, sizes and weaves in the shop. Shop the whole Sacred Heart Cashmere Collection here:



4. Pillows

These had to be on the list too, right? Throw pillows and even switching out bedding is a wonderful way to bring coziness into a home throughout fall and winter. Try moving on from linen and on to velvet, flannel and fleece, or even cashmere, wool, boiled wool or felted pillow coverings. Try shifting over to organic, nubby textures like bouclé (such a thing right now, and this makes us so happy...we love it) or shearling, whether faux or real.

Here at House of Royals we offer a selection of velvet pillows and pillowcases perfect for the season!

Coming soon: Be Brave Navy Flannel Pillowcase


5. Sacred Art Refresh

Bringing the sacred out of natural elements is just so gorgeous with the last few pieces from our CenterPeace Works collaboration collection, and our favorite is still the Face of God inlayed on California cedar, which artist, Maria Franklin, handcarved out of wax and then had turned into a brass relief. This relief also comes framed, making it all the more regal. Her Angel Wing Triumph cross, also handmade in brass, comes framed. And the last of her rosaries inspired by Ephesians 6 that comes with a home altar shadowbox can be found here as well. All of the CenterPeace Works art is so natural and organic in texture, it is the perfect addition to the fall and seasonal home.

The CenterPeace Works cedar and brass relief of Face of God is an exquisite, organic work of art perfect for the season.

Also by Maria is this daily decade rosary inspired by putting on the armor of the King in the biblical verse, Ephesians 6, with a sword cross, shield and Sacred Heart, as well as the Holy Spirit hanger. Her handmade brass rosary comes with a "retablo", or home altar, which hangs on the wall for the housing of rosaries of all varieties.

CenterPeace Works exquisite handmade cross and shield inspired by Ephesians 6 turned into a decade rosary, with retablo shadowbox altar.



Bonus: Fresh Blooms

A quick Pinterest search of "organic fall branches" leads to an endless array of inspiration for fall foliage... While House of Royals has yet to forage into decorative blooms, we love this decorating idea and thought you may too. See how our friend, Therese, at Lovely Lady Linens styles a fall tablescape with blooms and her stunning table coverings. Our FAVORITE home blogger duo, Anna and Gabe Liesemeyer from In Honor of Design have literally years worth of inspo on seasonal decor to peruse, so, go check them out at their website!

Cut or buy branches from your trees or gardens outdoors (or TJs), such as Eucalyptus, willows, olives, or even aspen, and display in a vase or jug for a fresh take on fall.

Photo courtesy of @inhonorofdesign  on Autumn Tablescape

We hope this fall you will feel wrapped in grace, beauty and royalty as we bring hope and consolation into our home sanctuaries for ourselves and those we love. And, above all, peace!

For more little Fall Spiritual Luxuries, click here!

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