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December 07, 2020 5 min read

This week, we encourage you to ask yourself: How am I introducing the blessing of peace into my life and sharing it with others?

Peace is the serenity we feel when we are freed from conflict. We find peace in a state of tranquility, fully experienced when our lives are well-ordered. Peace allows us to feel whole, and during this holiday season, that is just what we anticipate the Christ Child will bring us.

The peace that we receive from the Divine allows us to look at others through holy eyes and help guide the world to see the message of the Divine more clearly. In a time that has brought about so much tension, confusion, and anxiety, we look to the Christ Child and hopefully anticipate His birth. His coming as a small child reminds us that His love will grant us the tranquility of order that we seek to have and hold throughout our daily lives. 

The peace of the Christ Child transcends our circumstances and our world. It grants us immense amounts of strength, serenity, understanding, and clarity. It eliminates our wavering feelings of faith and allows us to stand firm in the knowledge that the Christ Child will come to save. 

Tranquility is granted to us when our lives are well-ordered. We want to share with you our Blessings of Peace Gift Guide, so that while the Christ Child may bless your well-ordered life with true peace, you may also gift this blessing to those in your life who are searching for more.


Blessings Holiday Gift Guide: Peace  

    1. House of Royals Beloved Silk and Luster Velvet Pillowcases and Shams: Rest in the peace of knowing your worth. Embroidered along the side of our silk pillowcase is the reminder of your beauty, royalty, and belonging to one who loves you endlessly. Our starlight throw pillow covers are embroidered with Swarovski crystals, outlining an image of the Queen of Heaven.
    2. House of Royals Aqua Sacra Crystal Holy Water Fonts: Our petite holy water font and decanter hold blessed water for your life and your home. Each piece is crafted with the highest beauty and quality, deeply signifying the powerful, peaceful, and protecting value of holy water in every aspect of life. 
    3. House of Royals Little Royals Swaddles: Wrap your precious little one in a luxuriously-soft bamboo Sancti Infantis blanket. This blanket is a gentle but constant reminder to loved ones of both the watchful eyes of the heavenly courts and the inner royalty of your child.
    4. Young Royals Sacred Heart Cashmere Shawl: Your young Royal will melt into the soft embrace of her new favorite cashmere wrap; she will not only feel beautiful, but also so loved! With an ultra lightweight knit in a delicate pattern, yet oh so warm, the cashmere shawl is light enough to be worn as a scarf yet large enough to be used as her snuggly blanket.
    5. House of Royals Guardian Angel Key Chain/Bag Medals: An elegant pearl heart, a white resin guardian angel, and a Royals Sacred Heart make up this adorable keychain or bag embellishing medal. The keychain bears an earthly image of the ultimate protector of humans, the guardian angel, offering peace in everyday living. 
    6. Royals are Heros Baseball: This customizable baseball for young royals can be used as a keepsake or for play. The official Rawlings® baseball has been customized for House of Royals, including the Sacred Heart logo, the words ROYALS ARE HEROES, and the option for personalization with your child's name.
    7. The Short Years: A Beautiful Baby Book Made on your Phone: The first few years of a child’s life go by so quickly. This gift offers mothers peace of mind and heart, knowing they can make memories with their child while capturing all the small and big moments of their child’s life.
    8. Everyman’s Journal: This beautiful, top-grade cloth-bound journal is the perfect gift for those seeking tranquil order through writing. The uses of the journal are limitless. It is an ideal gift to prompt someone to begin a record for the future.
    9. Beauty Counter Skincare Sets: Healthy-looking skin starts with products that are formulated with clean, effective ingredients. Share these rejuvenating products with the ladies on your list who need a reminder to pause and make time for themselves. 
    10. RH Baby & Child Rocking Chair: A high back and slim, sloped arms define this beautiful compact nursery chair. Set atop sturdy solid wood rails, it offers soothing, peaceful motion and supportive cushioning in a tailored silhouette. This is the perfect gift for a new parent and their newborn. 
    11. Artza Bethlehem Subscription Box: Gift this authentic subscription experience, curated especially for your loved one. With the company name meaning “towards the land,” each box includes high quality products from Israel that your loved one is sure to enjoy. 
    12. Dondolo Baby Winter Forest Collection: Remind your children of their beauty and royalty, by dressing them in high-quality, unique pieces that are ethically made. Dondolo Children’s Clothier was created with the purpose of supporting social causes that help mothers and children in need; making every piece even more special. Their Winter Forest Collection is perfect for the winter months, and they even have outfits that allow mother and child to match. 
    13. Garmin GPSMAP 64sx Handheld GPS: In a year full of chaos and a season of business, it’s important to find time to sneak away into nature and spend time in the silence with God. Go safely off the grid into nature with this Garmin GPS, and find time to recenter in the new year. 
    14. Better Part Meditation Book: Find peace by centering your heart and mind on Christ with this personal prayer book. The Better Part enables us to read, meditate, absorb, and apply the Gospels to our lives. It serves as a catalyst to personalize times of prayer, enabling us to follow the Holy Spirit's lead along the path of holiness.
    15. Personal Sacred Image Icon: Our friend and talented artist, Vivian Imbruglia, aims to help others on their faith walks by giving them sacred images to meditate on, so through the symbolism contained in the icon they might understand their faith better. She commissions personalized icons that come with their own certificate of authenticity. Each certificate can also include a scripture verse, prayer, or dedication. A more lengthy description of the symbolism in the icon could likewise be provided. Her writings are available as prints, on totes, mugs and iPhone cases.

Share with us how you are gifting the blessing of peace to the ones who mean the most to you this holiday by tagging @houseofroyals on Instagram!

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