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September 22, 2020 3 min read

As we say hello to a new season of cooler temps and cozy decor, we're also here for aaaall the fall fashion. One of the best feelings is getting to pull out all the autumn wardrobe/accessories that were stored away for the summer (and maybe just a bit of shopping to add to the collection?). The House of Royals  Beauty Lies Within You Tote  works every season, but we especially love cognac and black leather detailing for Fall/Winter. We are also believers in a substantial blend of style + function, and we love how this handcrafted leather tote bag is the "dream size", and fits everything the woman of every age, even a momma on the go, could possibly need. A larger bag offers more room to store more goodies, and we wanted to show you just how much everyday luxury the  Beauty Lies Within You Tote offers.  


We asked our dear friend, influencer, and  Worthy of Wearing  beauty and fashion expert, Nicole Caruso, to share what she keeps in her everyday tote. As a mother of three seeking to live beautifully in the everyday while balancing the needs of those she loves, Nicole not only needs space for her own things, but extra room to carry all the things her babies could need. PS - We are also anxiously awaiting the release of Nicole's first style book, coming in 2021 (yes, you read that correctly...she is designing a Worthy of Wearing book!!!) and we will be sure to be keeping you updated on it!

You can purchase your own  Beauty Lies Within You Tote  HERE. Also, check out Nicole's post below to read more about her initial experience of the  Beauty Lies Within You  tote!


Baby-wearing in leopard print part deux • You May think I’m a #worthyofwearing pro, but you’re dead wrong. This gorgeous sleek tote was a gift from the incredible @houseofroyalsco right after Giorgio was born. In my postpartum sweats, I opened a box that made me feel like I was on set in Roman Holiday. The ribbons. The notecards on gorgeous paper stock. My jaw was on the floor. Even the embroidered duster bag it comes with is GORGEOUS— it could be its own tote. As someone who grew up with champagne taste and a beer wallet, I never take for granted incredible attention to detail that comes with an artisanal product. So what did I do with this beautiful leather bag? I set it down in a place I could stare at it, and couldn’t bring myself to use it. After a few weeks, I knew I was falling into old habits, thinking, “It’s SO nice that I would ruin it” And that is where the beauty behind @houseofroyalsco and the #worthyofwearing movement overlap: we are worthy of a beautiful bag because we are royals— the daughters of the King of Kings. You guys, I tell people on the internet (YOU!!) NOT to do this. We are WORTHY of using our possessions that bring us joy, especially the ones that make us feel extra special. I, for one, need the reminder constantly that I am a beloved daughter of God because the negative voices can get real loud. So this is OUR reminder to wear the dress, carry the bag, throw on the shoes, or put on the lipstick and give ourselves permission to feel set apart. #houseofroyalsco

What’s In My Everyday Tote?

Nicole M. Caruso 

{Click on each image to shop.} 

1. Sophie the Giraffe Baby Toy (ha!!)





2. Mark & Graham Makeup Bag filled with:

Mini Ilia Mascara, Beautycounter: Touchup Concealer, Beyond Gloss in Sienna, and a Color Pinch Cream Blush in Caramel.









3. Treasure and Tradition book for my kids that we use at Mass. I prefer the hardcover so it doesn’t bend in the bag.





4. House of Royals Our Lady of Guadalupe Swaddle for nursing the baby and keeping him cozy while we are out.




5. Prayer cards (always St. Rita and Momma Mary) and the Rosary.




6. Indi by Kishu baby bibs. They are super soft and make the best burp cloth or drool bib.



7. Doterra On Guard beauty hand sanitizer.

It smells like cinnamon.




8. Pal Campaign neck gaiter to use as a mask.



9. Mango cranberry rose sunglasses.



10. All the random items: snacks, water bottles, baby wipes, and sometimes even an extra change of clothes for my littlest guy.



EVERYTHING fits, it’s so durable for #momlife, and the tote is so sleek and chic! 



What do you keep in your tote? Let us know in the comments below.




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