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Little Lux Crown Prayer Candle & Beeswax Insert

Light prayers to heaven with your Little Lux Crown Prayer Candle. The House of Royals Little Lux Crown  votive comes in two variations.

Gold - The first style is made of clear glass with gold tips. It includes the 22k gold plated Royals Sacred Heart holy medal.

Silver - The second style is made of clear glass with a .926 sterling silver plated Royals Sacred Heart holy medal.

Both come with a 100% pure beeswax tea light. Its size is perfect for simple holy moments of devotion and even for younger Royals as a gift, as their very own prayer candle. Collect multiple to display together.

Choose your preference below!

Continue to refill your votive with tea lights, or feel free to reuse your votive creatively in whatever way inspires you, for example, as a jewelry or rosary holder. If this is a gift for a very Young Royal that you feel may not yet be ready for a burning candle, consider replacing the beeswax tea light with a battery operated tea light for safety.


  • One clear glass crown prayer candle votive with gold tips and gold Sacred Heart or glass with silver Sacred Heart
  • Note that the size is very petite! It can be held in a child's hand. The dainty size fits a tea light but also a traditional small votive, if you prefer.
  • One 100% Hand poured organic beeswax insert, tea light size, in clear cup, with a 4 hour burn time
  • Dedication Card
  • Gift Box

A note from the concierge: 

Longer burn times are helpful for beeswax candles so they pool and burn evenly; however, never leave a candle unattended or around children or pets. Candles become extremely hot and caution is recommended. 


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