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Beeswax Tea Light Candles - Set of 6

Set of 6 pure unscented beeswax tea lights.

Perfect on their own, and ideal refills for your Lux Sancta and Little Lux Prayer Candle*.

Why Beeswax?

Beeswax is by far the noblest of candle fuels, produced directly by young honeybees, and harvested by their keepers. It contains negative ions that when burned, instead of toxifying the air like paraffin or other wax blends, beeswax actually purifies the air!

Beeswax candles have been burned in sacred rituals for centuries, and when you light a beeswax candle, it is reminiscent of that familiar aroma of entering into ancient majestic churches that have burned thousands of candles over the years...we can't help but have our hearts raised to heaven when beeswax is lit.

These replaceable tea light inserts are hand-poured with certified all-organic 100% pure beeswax and cotton wick.


  • Set of 6 - hand-poured 100% pure certified organic beeswax tea light size insert
  • All organic beeswax is sourced in Oregon
  • Each candle is poured into clear plastic vessel (so as not to block illumination) 
  • Each tea light is 3.5" high and 3" diameter, fits perfectly into the Little Lux Prayer Candle and lights up the whole Lux Sancta Alabaster Prayer Candle
  • Approximately 5 hour prayer burn time
  • Product Dedication Card
  • Gift Box 

*Please note - this listing includes refill only, and does not include the Lux Sancta Alabaster Prayer Candle or Little Lux Prayer Candle itself.

The Lux Sancta Alabaster Prayer Candle can be purchased by clicking here.

The Little Lux Prayer Candle  can be purchased by clicking here.

מרים המגדלית Saint Maria Magdalena / Ora pro nobis

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