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Lent & Easter


As the stillness of frigid Winter mornings awaken gradually into the splendors of a new Spring, just as a barren land opens up again to the hope of its Savior, Lent eases the Christian heart into remembrance. We look within and we know there is part of us that is still longing, not whole, even broken hearted, and we cover our heads in ashes. Yet the ashes are not placed at random, but rather, in the form of a cross, proof that while we are sinners, we also have a Redeemer who paid the ultimate price for our life, and today promises,

“See, I make all things new.”

Through His cross and resurrection, God will pull us out of life’s tomb, raising us into His Loving arms. So, do not be afraid! Have hope! The cross is not the end. If you follow Him to the foot of the cross this season, you will rise with him as well. Let God’s Grace make all things new in your soul this Easter, as you rush toward your Alleluia.

Whether you are looking for new ways to walk with God in His passion, seeking to refresh traditions, or planning overflowing and meaningful Easter baskets on the morning of Resurrection, House of Royals is here to help you make present this passionate love story and the ancient mysteries through everyday reminders for your soul and the souls of those you love… We hope you enjoy the curated collection below.

Newness is upon us! Let’s journey together.

Love & prayers,