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The Yep Family House of Royals

Our Story

Welcome, Royal

If you’re here, it’s for a reason. You belong here. This is your house.

Weary of the voices in your head that protest you’re not enough, lie about your identity and accuse you of being the sum of your flaws and failings? Listen instead to another voice – a quiet one, inside your heart – that whispers the secret truth about you.

You are royal.

Your crown may become marred by suffering and struggle, may tarnish with sin, or even fall into the dust, but beauty lies within you, just waiting to be remembered. Nothing you or others do or say can steal your true dignity away from you.

Someone loved, dreamed, and brought you into being with purpose. You are an unrepeatable, glorious, (divine, even!) masterpiece of love. If and when people or situations wound your heart, the world cries otherwise, or you feel lost, alone or betrayed, that same Friend and Lover of your true self is with you.

Awaken, Royal! Believe that you are eternally beloved. Remember who you are. Arise and take your place in the family of God.

Royal, take your crown.


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The mission of Royals is to surround you and those you love with heirloom-quality lifestyle collections of sacred beauty, sacramental experiences, and treasures of faith that reflect each person’s royal dignity and dispose hearts to grace, because the soul is forever.


Inspired by Love

Why & how we started House of Royals

House of Royals was born of the desire we all feel to live wholehearted, purposeful lives infused with holy, meaningful connections and beautiful, life-giving things. We knew that we couldn’t possibly be alone in the desire to love and be loved within a life, family, and home “full of grace”. In fact, we felt called to it. As we began to share this desire with others, many we spoke to expressed similar longings. In the midst of the triggers to negativity and suffering in our world, we all want everyday reminders of Grace. We began to see the earth in a new light, a richness of created beauty pointing to a Creator… Things of this world designed to showcase the next… Visible signs of invisible realities… What if we were to surround ourselves and those we love with tangible inspirations sourced from the material world? Could they help us remember to open our hearts each day? This is how House of Royals came to have its core raison d’etre.

The entire mission of House of Royals is to awaken every person’s royal dignity and surround them all with things that remind them of love, beauty and grace in their lives. To this end, House of Royals designs, creates and curates luxury products. We have renewed classic pieces, consecrated on-trend concepts, and curated singular works of art, setting them apart for God and for you, and bestowing them with meaning and devotion. We have designed with intention at home in North America, sourced from ethical artisans and manufacturers around the world, and collaborated with fine artists on unique pieces that could only be considered treasures. Each and every House of Royals piece is a gift, prepared for you to bring connection and meaning into your relationships and day to day life. Through these products, our hope is to remind you and those you love of your true identity and worth in the Heart of God: you are worthy, you are loved, you are ROYAL.

It all Began with a Baby

When we found out we were pregnant with our first daughter, we overflowed with emotional and spiritual responses that we’d never felt before. We wanted her to experience only love and goodness in her life, even though we were suddenly acutely aware of how much suffering she’d face. We resolved to envelop her in encouragement while equipping her for real life.

In our minds, this meant giving her a strong foundation of love, security and positive messaging, even through her surroundings. Family closeness, especially with supportive grandparents; meaningful traditions; a quality education; and even a wholesome environment, such as inspirational nursery furnishings with protective angels and saints…everything would be a happy influence for her. Above all, having experienced the life-long comfort and challenge of Divine Love, we wanted our daughter to experience God as a friend and confidant too, even as a child. As Christians, we believe that the greatest treasure we can offer those we love is the gift of this friendship and accompanying faith values that will drive prudent choices, hold them in the lonely painful moments that are sure to come, and point to a life of purpose and fulfillment. Perhaps also this way, when we would let her down as parents or grandparents, a perfect God would still be there, keeping the original promise. One day, when she and her sister and brothers would inevitably play “prince and princesses” and “knights and dragons”, we would secretly tie it back to the great lessons of her dignity as a true royal in God’s family and, little by little, she would know this Love as naturally as she would know her own self.

We soon realized that this did not exist.

A 16.75 billion dollar industry, the baby market appeared to carry every other luxury product, but not a Catholic one. This effort to surround ourselves, our daughter and our family and friends in love, beauty and grace soon expanded into our family’s life’s dream…to fill a void that so many others have felt too: the creation and curation of beautiful, innovative, giftable, heirloom-quality Catholic products that inspire noble values in families and their loved ones.

Four children and many years later, we are finally seeing this dream come to life. Our children are still our daily motivation and their grandparents and godparents have become the literal spiritual and material supporters of this legacy, House of Royals. We hope that House of Royals fine art, sacramentals and simple everyday treasures will bless you and your loved ones, royally and eternally.

Founders, House of Royals