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Beloved Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Mauve

I am Beloved.

Rest in the peace of knowing your worth, even while you sleep...recalling always how beloved you are to those who love you, and to God.

Embroidered along the side of your silk pillowcase is the reminder of your beauty, royalty and belonging to one who loves you endlessly, captured in a single, simple, scripted word...BELOVED.

The Sacred Heart, symbol of passionate love, accompanies this affirmation.

The softest pure mulberry silk is designed to enhance the skin and hair of the one who sleeps upon this pillowcase, while elevating the entire bedroom sanctuary. Each pillowcase has a hidden zipper closure at one end.

Comes in House of Royals signature gift box with dedication available at checkout.

- 100% Pure Mulberry Silk

- Mauve is 19 momme / White is 21 momme

- Unlined / Hidden zipper closure

- Dimensions are for queen sized pillows, at 20” x 30”

- Includes 1 pillowcase (pillow not included)

- Machine wash only with silk-friendly detergent to preserve the integrity of the fibers and avoid premature tearing. Iron on lowest "silk setting" if needed.


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