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Royal Shield Chaplet - Center Peace Works x Royals

The very nature of this exquisitely handcrafted chaplet lifts every heart and soul to the Trinitarian King. It begins with the brass Holy Spirit Paraclete dove, designed for hanging on a wall or holding in a hand, descending upon the first brass bead of the Our Father, which is created in the form of the earth blessed by the outpouring of God’s divine love. Each stone bead in the palest earthtone colors of ivory, terracotta and seafoam has been lovingly handwired, and finishes with the Ephesians 6 cross, designed with the armor of God. All brass elements, wiring and beadwork entirely custom by Mrs. Maria Franklin of Center Peace Works. 

A prayer chaplet is a personal devotional prayer that can be prayed privately or communally, in any variety of settings: in church, traveling in the car or on a plane, at home and outdoors. There are many types of chaplets, but typically they all utilize prayer beads to keep track of the prayer. Often seen as a short form of the ancient prayer called the “rosary”, the 10-bead chaplet is practiced throughout history. A chaplet is a vocal prayer and can be prayed as a petition, or in adoration, or thanksgiving, or in reparation. The experience of the chaplet is meant to be like repeating, “I love you” over and over again...one never gets tired of saying it...or of hearing it.

The Royal Shield Chaplet comes alone in an enamel box, or with additional Retablo Shadowbox Frame.

Royal Shield Chaplet with Retablo Shadowbox Frame

The Royal Shield Chaplet with Retablo Shadowbox frame comes with a mountable retablo shadowbox, designed for hanging and accessing your chaplets, rosaries, and other sacred jewels, prayer pieces and devotions. A Spanish term for a piece of wall art, a retablo is usually placed in a sanctuary or on an altar, typically including some devotional painting, sculpture or a combination of the two, and enclosed by an elaborate framework. Small retablos are devotional ex-votos ("from a vow") which traditionally represent the story that led to their commissioning, an intention which is being prayed for, or in gratitude for special graces received.


  • Royal Shield Chaplet fine art by Maria Franklin of Center Peace Works
  • Additional Option: Retablo Shadow Box Frame* Stands 14" high, 10" across, and 2" deep
  • Product Dedication Card
  • Product Holy Card
  • Product Gift Box

*Center Peace Works and House of Royals recommend great care in mounting the retablo to a wall securely, particularly if you plan to be opening and closing the art with the convenient closure. Accompanying this retablo are several brass pins for hanging. Take care of the linen backing, that it does not get torn when moving the pins around. The box can also be used lying flat or mounted on a surface or wall. The retablo may also stand on its own if affixed with care, depending on the weight of the objects held within it. Center Peace Works and House of Royals are not responsible for breakage or injury due to poorly mounted retablo shadowboxes.


Center Peace Works is founded by fine artist, Maria Franklin, in her seaside studio in Palos Verdes, California. Mrs. Franklin draws her inspiration from deep prayer and sacramental life, which then evokes deeper appreciation of creation and the beauty of life. Mrs. Franklin creates commissioned works of all sizes, primarily in brass, and is world-acclaimed for her portfolio of work.

Three distinct pieces form our Center Peace Works x House of Royals art collection: a Face of Christ Upon the Cross, in brass inlaid on reclaimed California cedar wood cross frame, or Face of Christ Upon Veronica's Veil in brass/white matted frame; a Royal Shield rosary chaplet with sword, shield, breastplate, helmet and belt of virtues inspired by Ephesians 6 with accompanying brass Holy Spirit hanger and option for Royal Shield chaplet with retablo shadowbox; and a brass Triumph Wing cross.

Maria is also periodically available for custom art by commission here.


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