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Royals Pearl of Great Price Necklace

Royals of all ages await their first set of pearls. Hanging delicately from one end of the pearls, is a 22K gold tone Sacred Heart holy medal with the word Royals on it, a constant reminder of the royal dignity of the wearer, and that the pearl of great price spoken of in history is heaven. The necklace is strung with double strand of white pearls and ties in a simple, adjustable length bow at the back of the neck with a pale grey grosgrain ribbon.

The Royals Pearl of Great Price necklace is ideal for birthdays, holidays, and special sacraments such as baptisms, first communions or confirmations, and even everyday...as a true symbol of royalty.

It is the Meaningful Gifts that Endure.

The gift itself is honestly at times of no great consequence. It is the love it represents that comes back to the owner. That enduring love...a heartfelt love that acknowledges how precious the bearer of the gift is...is the pearl of great price. It is not the cost that makes it precious, but rather the inherent value of the love it represents and the grace it has brought them all their life. It is our hope that this simple, lovely Pearl of Great Price necklace will help establish and remind your loved one of her inner royalty as a child of God.


  • Double Strand Pearl Necklace with Grosgrain Ribbon
  • 22k Gold Sacred Heart Medal
  • Product Dedication Card
  • Product Holy Card
  • Gift Box

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