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Royals Sacred Heart Leopard Print Cashmere Shawl

100% Mongolian King Fiber Cashmere | Locally made in Mongolia & United States of America | .925 pure sterling silver Royals Sacred Heart medal.

The Royals Cashmere Collection, luxurious garments and accessories that are soft and cloud-like, come from the cashmere goat, free ranged through the Mongolian Steppes. Cashmere fibers are three times more insulating than sheep wool. Every spring, when the tundra begins to thaw and the Mongolian cashmere goat herds begin losing their winter coats, nomadic herders perform a thousand year old tradition of combing the underside of their goats in a very natural and sustainable process. With the wisdom and expertise passed down from generation to generation, the harvesters hand comb the fiber to protect the goats from overheating and to keep them healthy. 

From the rugged Mongolian countryside to your heart and home, stay wrapped in warmth and grace in the luxe, soft, lightweight cashmere Sacred Heart shawl. Wear it as a wrap or a shawl during the warmer temperatures or when indoors... This leopard print shawl is ultra lightweight and can also be worn in all seasons.The substantial .925 sterling silver Sacred Heart medal is a subtle reminder of the wearer's royalty.

  • Oversized shawl size 79x25.5 inches (200 x 65cm
  • 100% Mongolian cashmere - Royals cashmere is the highest grade of processed cashmere in the world, classified as "king fiber", a national Mongolian cashmere-fiber rating
  • Largest 1 1/2 inch pure .925 Sterling Silver Sacred Heart medal
  • Plain weave
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Ultra-soft and warm
  • Comes in House of Royals signature gift box with dedication card

Wear your royalty.


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