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Sacred Heart Tortoise Shell Hairclip

Remember your royalty! Handcrafted from metal clips, tortoise shell resin, and a holy medal symbol of love and royalty,each of these House of Royals hairclips is embellished with a true Royals Sacred Heart medal for a striking, elegant reminder of inner royalty.

Throughout history and in various cultures, the Heart of God has been depicted in diverse forms. One of these is the Sacred Heart ex votoused as a memorial for the moment when a soul approaches God to ask for a favor or miracle, and God answers. Ex votos bear unique artistic shapes and designs, among them the House of Royals logo heart, with floral vines of life growing from it and flames bursting from the top.

We've used this special Royals heart in this hairclip, which will look lovely day in and day out as a reminder of royalty.


  • One 3 inch tortoise shell hairclip with 22k gold plated Sacred Heart holy medal
  • Made with tortoise shell resin, a lovely yet unique neutral that combines well with most outfits
  • Pinch clasp
  • Dedication card