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Pack of Blessings with Royals Stainless Steel Card Holder


10 traditional blessings for use on everyday occasions, collected by Fr. Jacob Hsieh, O. Praem and Fr. Benedict Solomon, O. Praem. Use these blessings in conjunction with the holy water or holy oil sacramental: sprinkle holy water or make the sign of the cross with your thumb on the forehead of the person you bless with holy water or holy oil.

Blessings include:

Each “pack of blessings” conveniently comes in a beautiful mirror finish stainless steel card holder with the Crown and Sacred Heart House of Royals logo engraved on the front and the words “Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus” (May the blessing of almighty God) beneath the lid. This item comes included in our Aqua Sancta Crystal Decanter and is sold separately here.

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“Blessing” and “blessed”

Blessing and blessed have become such common bywords in our culture, a soft and gentle way of expressing how grateful we are for all the relationships and gifts in our lives. Inspired by the desire to get to the heart of the true sense of Christian “blessing” and help you to live a more beautiful, spiritual life, surrounded by Grace, House of Royals compiled 10 popular and common blessings to keep conveniently on hand for everyday use such as at bedtime, leaving the house or illness.

Blessings are real!

Blessings themselves fall under the category of “sacramental”, a special prayer, action, season or object that prepares a person to receive more Grace in his or her life, and makes various occasions or circumstances of life holy.

Who can do a blessing? We can bless each other!

Actually, not only are we permitted to bless, we are actually called by God to bless! “Every baptized person is called to be a ‘blessing,’ and to bless.” The blessing of a regular person upon another, such as a parent blessing a child, is a beautiful act in which one person is asking for an outpouring of God’s love upon another, and the value of this blessing in the eyes of God comes from upon the person’s pure intention and devotion.

With such an amazing inheritance, how could we not create a “pack of blessings” to keep on hand. We hope this gift will lead to a beautiful new tradition of blessing everyone you love!


  • Stainless Steel Blessing Portfolio –
  • 10 Blessings: 
    • Blessing of a Home
    • Blessing for Families
    • Blessing on a Birthday 
    • Blessing on an Anniversary 
    • Blessing for Leaving the House
    • Blessing for Success in Endeavors such as Tests, Interviews, Sports, etc. 
    • Blessing of a Sick or Injured Child 
    • Blessing of a Sick or Injured Adult 
    • Deliverance Prayer 
    • Blessing at Bedtime
  • Product Dedication Card
  • Product Holy Art
  • Gift Box


More about blessings

Every blessing praises God and prays for his gifts. Because of this, among all the existing or possible sacramentals, “blessings” (of persons, meals, objects, and places) come first. In Christ, Christians are blessed by God the Father “with every spiritual blessing.” This is why the Church imparts blessings by invoking the name of Jesus, usually while making the holy sign of the cross of Christ. Blessings are rooted in biblical times, when God blessed his people time and again, and then Jesus blessed people, places and items everywhere he went: the little children (Mark 10:13-16), the apostles at the ascension (Luke 24:50-53), the loaves and fish used to feed the five thousand (Mark 6:34ff) and the bread at the Last Supper (Matthew 26:26-30), to name a few. God invites people to bless and praise Him in return through the devotions and rituals of His covenant people.

Priests, especially, have the particular role of blessing with the authority of the Church, which is why some blessings are reserved just to them, asking God’s help for those people being blessed or dedicating something to a sacred service, like holy water or a holy medal.

If you’re curious about further theology behind blessings, read more here.

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