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Play Vestments for Little Royals – The Liturgical Co. x Royals


From Sequoia Sierra of The Liturgical Co. comes these Little Royals play vestments!

Designed and handmade of the same patterns, real silk fabrics and trim that she uses when fashioning actual priestly vestments, these play vestments are perfect for any little guy who loves to play “mass” just like he participates in at church.

Featuring a mini chasuble, stole, maniple, pall and chalice veil.

White and gold.


One size fits multiple ages, as seen on Thomas, age 6, and Cristiano, age 3.


Comes packaged and gift wrapped in the signature House of Royals white and gold foil gift box, with a dedication card ideal for gifting.

Custom liturgical colors and fabrics available, by request. Contact the House of Royals concierge at concierge@houseofroyals.com, and Sequoia welcomes couture creations.

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learn about mass & God’s callings through play

God calls each of us to a particular role and mission in life! Show your Little Royal how to fit this exclusive vestment costume easily in among his superheroes, astronauts, firefighters…and all his character costumes. Let him experience through play a love for the priesthood in the same way he gets to come into contact with the beauty of a vocation to marriage, and all the everyday and future callings that he’s beginning to learn about and play practicing. Let him learn mostly about the value of the Holy Mass, while he imagines himself as a representative of God on earth, an alter Christus (“another Christ”).

Couture DESIGN, Made mini

As his loved one, you will be swept away by the refined quality of Sequoia’s work. Each fabric is sourced from true religious textile manufacturers, and cut and sewn into a mini version of what the priests still wear today.

About Sequoia Sierra

Sequoia Sierra is an award winning stylist and a designer. She works in television and film, does personal styling and online styling focusing on the average person rather than celebrities because she believes that “Everyone deserves to look their best.” 

About The Liturgical Co.

The Liturgical Co., founded by Sequoia, is a Liturgical Atelier that works for the beautification and preservation of the patrimony of the Catholic faith.  The Liturgical Co. designs, creates, and repairs vestments, habits, as well as other religious and liturgical items and church furnishings.  Their work and designs encompasses all things textile. 

The goal of the Liturgical Co. is to beautify sacred spaces and churches for the greater honor and glory of God.  Therefore, they strive to work with clients, most often priests and religious sisters, in designing and creating items that provide them with a work of art, yet still remain within their budget.

If you are a donor who would like to put money towards the creation of such items or to help a priest, a poor parish, or religious sisters in their desired project, please contact us and we can allocate your donation to a specific project that you would like to help.

The Liturgical Co. design firm also provides vestments, habits, research and advice for film and theater productions involving Catholic Liturgical items and stories.

The Liturgical Co. x Royals

We are elated to be collaborating with Sequoia on the exclusive featuring of her latest design, the custom play vestments for children, and we hope your Little Royals will find many hours of adorable play out of these, as he takes on the positive values of the heart of God.

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Dimensions 8.75 × 5.25 × 2 in


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