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Sacred Heart Jewelry

You are ROYAL.

You are seen. You are known. You are loved. Yet how many times a day the voices in our heads and our world challenge the very truths of our identity! What would happen if you claimed the truth? What if you were to wear this truth on your person as a fierce symbol of your truest identity?


The Sacred Heart jewelry is designed of a refined 22k gold or .925 sterling silver plated Sacred Heart medal. 

The Sacred Heart jewelry comes as necklace, earrings or set.

The box chain in either gold or sterling silver - in either gold or sterling silver - is stunning, fully adjustable by silicone bead slide up to 20", cut with extra facets for extraordinary shine. It is sturdy, and, thanks to the cut, has a particular radiance.

Earrings bear Sacred Heart medals on gold or sterling silver/argentium backings.

Wear the necklace, earrings or set intentionally, as a reminder of God's Divine Love and devotion for you, or gift it or part of it to someone who needs to sense this Love, and her or his inherent worth. 

We pray this versatile necklace will carry over from the ordinary to the extraordinary moments of life, for everyday occasions and for the most special event, honoring the Heart of God and representing the purest, Divinest Love for the wearer's human heart.



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