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Aqua Sacra Crystal Holy Water Font, Decanter, Aspergillum & Blessings


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The Aqua Sacra crystal holy water decanter comes with accompanying stainless steel aspergillum, or sprinkler, engraved with the words Benedicat Vos Omnipotens Deus (May almighty God bless you), and the stainless steel engraved Blessings Portfolio containing 10 blessing prayers collected by Fr. Jacob Hsieh O.Praem and Fr. Benedict Solomon, O.Praem for life’s everyday situations.

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Bless and Be Blessed…

This large engraved Aqua Sacra (Latin. “holy water”) Crystal Holy Water Font is a strong reminder of the sacredness of the sacramental of blessed water as an original life element created and elevated by God. Its beauty and quality deeply signify the powerful and protecting value of holy water in every aspect of life, and encourages its regular use through its inviting design.

This beautiful font is meant to be used regularly in everyday living. Each font comes with a Blessing Portfolio set of gold foiled cards which give the blessings for 10 different everyday occasions of home life. Each large font also comes with a stainless steel Aspergillum – a traditional stick which dates back to the first biblical Passover, in which Moses was instructed to sprinkle the people through the use of a hyssop branch.

Set this font in prominence in your home, and feel free to seek out Holy Water at a Catholic Church.

Holy water’s value throughout the history of Christianity—always in union with the faith of the one who uses it—for protection against evil and the request of Grace for deeper virtue in Christian living, could not possibly be overestimated. God’s ancient peoples washed and blessed in their rituals and feasts, at God’s covenant command. Today, in baptism, water is used sacramentally to cleanse away the old life and put on the new one in Christ. The passionate saint, Teresa of Avila, professed that she would die for one drop of holy water! Her conviction of its effectiveness was due to its power flowing from the precious blood of Jesus himself, based on the traditional saying that one can pray when blessing oneself with holy water: “By this holy water and by thy Precious Blood wash away all my sins, O Lord.”

The Aqua Sacra crystal holy water font is the perfect continuation of a rich Judeo-Christian tradition, particularly as a keepsake from special occasions such as baptism, first reconciliation, first communion, confirmation, wedding, anniversary, or death of a loved one. It can be filled in the particular font or dispensary located in the church where the special occasion took place, and then gifted with that water in memory of the special moment.

To use as a blessing:

Dab some of the water on a finger or use the applicator directly to make the sign of the cross on one’s forehead or the forehead of a loved one, or sprinkle where needed. Pray and bless in any moment or occasion, such as upon waking, when leaving the house, when blessing a child off to school or blessing after an injury or during illness. Bless on a birthday or special occasion, for bad dreams, for safety at home or away, for sports games or tests, or in time of simple struggle or great distress. Holy Water is also the most effective of the sacramentals against temptation. Bless with the confidence that prayers are heard by the Lord who bestows all good graces upon those who turn to Him. The beauty and sweetness of this Holy Water font will surely invite all into its sacramental aid.

The Aqua Sacra Collection

The Aqua Sacra Holy Water Decanter Font is large, and it finds it small counterpart in Aqua Sacra Crystal Holy Water Font, Petite.


  • Crystal Font Decanter
  • Crystal Font Topper
  • Stainless Steel Aspergillum
  • Stainless Steel Blessing Portfolio, with –
  • 10 Blessings: 
    • Blessing of a Home
    • Blessing for Families
    • Blessing on a Birthday 
    • Blessing on an Anniversary 
    • Blessing for Leaving the House
    • Blessing for Success in Endeavors such as Tests, Interviews, Sports, etc. 
    • Blessing of a Sick or Injured Child 
    • Blessing of a Sick or Injured Adult 
    • Deliverance Prayer 
    • Blessing at Bedtime
  • Product Dedication Card
  • Product Holy Card
  • Product Gift Box

Additional information

Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 12.25 × 6.5 × 4.25 in

4 reviews for Aqua Sacra Crystal Holy Water Font, Decanter, Aspergillum & Blessings

  1. Colleen (verified owner)

    My husband and I were hosting a Benefit for a charity which we love to support and we were gifted this Holy Water as a Host/Hostess gift. What a THOUGHTFUL way to bring grace into our lives. We LOVE that the official prayers for the blessings are included too.

  2. David (verified owner)

    My wife and I were just gifted this for our wedding anniversary – SO grateful to replace my ‘old plastic bottle’ of holy water which we had been using. Can’t wait to have our Pastor come over and use it to bless our new house.

  3. Mary Teresa

    My dad used this at Thanksgiving! He appreciated the printed blessings and the packaging AND quality made it seem totally worth the price. Such a cool idea-

  4. Sherri

    My client, who I have worked with for YEARS, loved receiving this as my thank you for his business. He said he was grateful for a tasteful way to show his convictions in a professional setting.

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