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December 02, 2019 6 min read

We've pulled together some of the best gifts of the season to complement what you're already lavishing on your Royals. We've tried to cover several styles and price points, as well as elaborate on a healthy number of everyday items alongside ones that will inspire the young men in your life with the faith and virtue they need to claim their crowns and pledge their allegiances to God each and every day, especially as we all prepare for the Christchild's birth.


  1. AMDG Beanie by Paradigm Clothing - It is winter and your young royals will be wearing any number of hats. Add this "AMDG" beanie to their collections, where they can wear the constant reminder to give "All Glory to God".
  2. Laser Tag - Let your boys (and girls) bond and exercise leadership, teamwork and so many other virtues with a fun for all game that will keep them going long after dark.
  3. A Man of the Beatitudes: Pier Giorgio Frassati- Pier Giorgio Frassati is many young people’s favorite saint as he was so "normal". He was from an aristocratic family, yet struggled at school and preferred to spend his time mountaineering, volunteering on missions and rebelling with his friends against the fascist regime. There is no greater starter book than this one, as it was written by someone with an up close perspective on his life: his sister, Luciana. It's a favorite, and one of the effects will likely be that your young man is going to want to be a better person.
  4. Invest on his behalf in a rare coin from an authentic broker like Meridian Coin, like this one (1357-67) Scotland 2P Edinburg NGC AU58, a hammered Scottish goat sourced and authenticated by a friend, David Cloyed.
  5. Royal ID by House of Royals - The Royal ID is an updated take on a wallet card witness of claiming one's Christian identity. Your young man can slip this super cool card into his wallet in case of emergencies. Email concierge@houseofroyals.com for availability.
  6. Men's Enamel Skull Signet Ring - "Memento Mori", or prayerfully remembering our fragility as humans and that one day soon we will all face death, is a distinctly Christian devotion. Your young royal may find inspiration for keeping a good perspective in life in contemplating his own.
  7. The Catholic Card Game - Designed as a hilarious party game of Catholic inside jokes, styled after the overly innuendo-driven Cards Against Humanity (which your young royal will most likely come across). There are expansion packs for Life Teen and Generations to keep the fun going long after the first pack has been exhausted.
  8. AMDG by The Living Person - TLP has gone dark and is closing its doors as of Black Friday, but goes live for only one more day on Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019, and will be donating all the profits to Catholic Relief Services. Due to the human cost of fast fashion, Jurell has chosen to take a stand on behalf of personhood. His example and ministry deserves attention from the kid you care about. Meanwhile, if your kid is into video games, perhaps he is familiar with @ninja and @ninja_invictus, famous streamers on Twitch? If that seems like code to you, it's ok...but to your boy it may be golden. Leo Gallegos of Libertas has designed tees not only for the Godly young man of today, like his Creator shirt featured here, but is also the dude behind the merch of the Catholic boys and video game kings, the Blevins brothers, aka the Bearded Blevins. He also runs a totally motivating ongoing instagram account your kid can follow @catholic.running.guy.
  9. Saint Philomena Cord - Worn on the arm like a bracelet or the waist as a belt under clothing, the St. Philomena cord is a huge blessing to men and women in the Church as they try to practice impossible levels of heroic virtue required by the warrior saints of today. It is hard to find a clear outlet where to buy this cord, but here is one.
  10. Cotton Gold-Fit Tuxedo Shirt with Crowns - This shirt is a very regal way to express devotion to Christ the King.
  11. Soldier's Camo Paracord Rosary - These Rugged Rosaries by Cordbands are the epitome of spiritual weaponry, especially in the hands of a young man fighting the culture war and joining forces with all of heaven each day.
  12. Let your young royal capture those moments that matter with a DSLR like this one, a highly rated and very attractive Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Digital Camera w/XF18-55mm Lens Kit - Black.
  13. Treasure in Clay by Fulton Sheen - He will be beatified in a matter of days and his autobiography is so full-on engaging that your young royal will not be able to put it down. Try an audiobook if your son is not much of a reader. It will be worth it to hear his rich story.
  14. Crosley UO Exclusive Wood Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player - It is time for all things retro (the byword is "nostalgia") in life right now, and record players are all the rage. Which is a blessing to those of us who remember records fondly and still hang onto our own collections, even after all these years...or who would benefit from some quality time coaching a child through a record store or which records to invest in.
  15. Ticket Stub Diary - A very creative gift for a concert goer... A unique snapshot of every special event your young royal attends throughout his life, helping to bring back all the feelings and memories every time he opens it. The power of memory in helping to define one's origin, personhood and purpose was outlined powerfully in Saint John Paul's work titled Memory and Identity, and this could be one small way to capture memory in time.
  16. Matte Black Onyx Skull and Bead Bracelet by Alexandre McQueen - This very cool onyx bracelet is another witness of Memento Mori. Many of the saints spent time contemplating their own mortality to keep perspective in life and remember what we're all aiming for.
  17. These are books your boy may seriously need in life. Firstly, a book about True North, a guide to discernment and decision-making according to Christian principles. The second is a battle plan for freedom in the struggle against pornography - something both young men and young women are battling today - called VICTORY. Both of these books are by Life Teen.
  18. Mission Youth Mission Trip - If there is one gift you give to a young man (and woman) in your life, it absolutely must be a mission trip. Experiencing a world outside of his own, particularly missions in locations of poverty and suffering, will shake his concepts of privilege, materialism and invincibility, and establish whole new ones of real world vision, compassion and service. Many, many youth experience deep conversion and discernment choices on mission trips, when faced with need, they rise to levels of virtue they never knew they were capable of. And they leave happy for the first time in a long time.
  19. These shmancy Ridged Glass Guitar Picks will excite the musician within him and also give him the chance to experiment with a whole new tone.
  20. The ONE WHEEL is the gift of Christmas 2019. This new take on the technology we've been seeing for a few years will have your kid flying everywhere he wants to go, and he will be thrilled it came from you.
  21. Flannel Sheets from the famed Hudson Bay Co. will keep him seriously warm this winter after all his efforts to be a man of God.
  22. If you really want to support him in his walk with God, gift your young royal the ultimate faith experience at the best conference of the year (and New Year) at Seek – SLS2020! The largest Catholic youth conference of the country, presented by FOCUS, is in Phoenix, AZ, this year, and over 35,000 young people will be gathering for prayer, sacraments, formation, and major connection with each other as allies in the new evangelization. Teens and college age are welcome. It’s young people living as they are meant to be and the energy at SLS2020 promises to be revolutionary, as always...just like him. If he is not open hearted about faith, then now is the time to allow God to set his soul on fire.


Also, consider a "Perpetual Mass Enrollment" like this one at the Society of the Little Flower, where your loved one will be remembered each and every mass throughout his life. There is no more meaningful gift than to have a mass prayed for a person you care about.

May all the Young Royals - whether millennials or gen z - feel a sense of their worth and the call to greatness in establishing a culture of beauty in the future.

See our gift guide for the Little Royals here, For Young Women here, For Men here and For Women here. And if you haven't, join our email list below for ongoing updates.

Happy Advent & a Merry Christmas, hopefully surrounded by Grace,


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