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February 17, 2023 5 min read

"Yet where sin abounded, grace abounded all the more, so that, as sin reigned in death, grace also might reign through justification for eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 5:20

From Kingdom triumph to global tragedies, these last few weeks have been fraught with evidence of the Light trouncing the futile attempts of darkness. In this post, we felt prompted to capture key inspiration, moments, guideposts, messages and products that are gripping hearts everywhere.



Chiefs Kingdom kicker Harrison Butker brought home the Super Bowl win - in a scapular!

This week, Kingdom evidence emerged everywhere!

The Kansas City Chiefs - aka Chiefs KINGDOM - won the Super Bowl with a winning kick by our fave, Harrison Butker, who was wearing none other than a scapular! For a sweet explanation of what a scapular is and to get one for yourself, go visit our friend, Anna, at Qui Minimo, right HERE. There are Christians all over the sports world these days, including on the rival team. We're so proud of these men who stand up for God, their families, their country and their teams.

Source: Getty

Meanwhile, Maverick City Music swept The Grammy’s (2:06:20) with FOUR awards, for albums also aptly named KINGDOM. They dominated a cheap demonic performance and witnessed in dark places. Afterwards, many Christians took criticism from peers for their presence at the Grammy's, proving that like Jesus, they aren’t preaching for the choir, but to those who would not encounter the Savior otherwise. Kingdom was recorded in prison at Everglades Correctional Facility - see the recording here. Runners up? Watch Chris Stapleton ‘s heartfelt rendition of the U.S. National Anthem which will go down in history, and Rihanna made our hearts skip a beat as she announced her second pregnancy on the world stage.



"There is no other joy than hearing a survivor" - Rescue worker @Reuters

The plight of many nations caught in catastrophes of war and natural disasters grips our hearts, and to shed light, we hoped a few cinematic visualizations may help clarify both our awareness, as well as our own response:

*The Vulnerable People Project- relief agency rescuing and delivering aid all over the world, currently in select nations with dire crises. View Sing A Little Louder - The Vulnerable People Project or visit The Vulnerable People Project directly here.


*The Swimmers - An award-winning recent release, this movie is a must watch for teens and adults. It follows the sisters, Yusra and Sara Mardini, in the true story of their escape from Syria's civil war, as they become refugees and eventually make it to swim at Rio's 2016 Olympics, as part of the first ever "refugee team". Watch here on Netflix.

*The Promise, The Red Sea Diving Resort, Hotel Rwanda - True stories of the Armenian Genocide, the Ethiopian-Jewish rescue through Sudan, and the Rwandan Genocide can help open our eyes to what is actually going on...and ignite the calling of those of us who are meant to provide assistance, and those of us who are intercessors.

Backstory: Just before dawn on February 6, 2023, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey/Syria, with hundreds of aftershocks, killing over 43,000 people. We intercede in prayer and aid as relief efforts continue for victims of the Turkey/Syria earthquake.

We also honor the anniversary of the 2015 killing of the Coptic Martyrs this past week.

Source: La Stampa


"I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I'm Blowing the Whistle." Jamie Reed took to The Free Press to expose the shocking reality of what's happening behind the doors of over 100 "pediatric gender clinics" open nationwide. Fully immersed for years in a mission she believed in - to prevent teen suicide by addressing the root issue of their gender dysmorphia - and thinking she was bringing healing through the administration of gender-altering drugs and even operations, Jamie Reed, a self-titled "queer" case worker in charge of intake and oversight of child trans cases, reveals she began to witness tragic results - a backfire so serious she could not keep silent over any longer. Read the story here. Seeking to understand the mentality of the industry behind trans teen movement? This article will help.

Conversely, at House of Royals, we continue to create everything we can to surround babies, children and teens in signals of their royalty! The protective blankets, such as the Wrapped in Evening Stars swaddle blanket and the Mother's Blush swaddle blanket continue to be favorites of customers, and the blessed jewelry and bedtime guardianship of the Beloved and Be Brave pillowcases add a layer of comfort for children at night.

As shared in the email, this month an adopted baby received a protective Guadalupe blanket for his baptism, and a young girl with cancer passed into the arms of Jesus wearing her ultra gentle rose Mother's Blush blanket. Another girl wore her King of Hearts necklace as a symbol of the King's presence with her during a friendship test at school. Let us continue to protect our children from conception to eternal life with the King.

4. The Asbury Revival & The Jesus Revolution

The Jesus Revolution hits theaters this upcoming week, and is sure to revive weary hearts with the testimony of a young Greg Laurie struggling along until he meets street preacher/hippie Lonnie Frisbee and pastor Chuck. At a time of peace, love and rock n' roll, Jesus swept the scene in a SoCal church opened up to lost youth, sparking a great awakening. Get tickets here.

A revival gone viral on tiktok ("can anything good come out of tiktok?) has turned an hour long prayer meeting at Asbury University into a (so far) 10 day nonstop worship, prayer, healing and deliverance experience for college students around the nation. Dropping everything to attend from out of state, many are sensing the Holy Spirit drawing them into the outpouring of His presence. There is no question that God continues to find creative ways to reach hearts. We do know the outcome of such revivals has led to mass conversions and a generation of preachers in our time. The best is yet to come as the Kingdom increases and abounds all the more!


5. The Surrender Novena

Do it all in one sitting, or pray it over the course of 9 days!

The blessings pour out upon tumultuous times, and the burdens can feel overwhelming and even impossible. We need to turn to Sacred Scripture to commune with God. 

We also have access to prayers written by saints before us, such as this favorite, the nine day "novena" of Surrender to the Will of God. It's such a childlike theology to give complete surrender to God, and brings our frail humanity such relief to abandon everything into His care. Try it here.


May you always sense your inner royalty, as you have been chosen as the King's own child.

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