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December 03, 2022 5 min read

Dear Royals,

it's time to make ready!

Here are some ways you can still make your life and home more transcendent in preparation for the newborn King this Advent.

1. Advent Wreath with violet, rose and white beeswax candles.

There's still time to grab candles and make a wreath! Or, use 4 standard neutral candles like the House of Royals Little Lux, the House of Royals tea lights set, or the spiral shaped House of Royals Rope Tapers and wrap 3 with a purple ribbon and 1 with a rose ribbon. Our Lux Sancta candles are all beeswax but our tapers are not (yet), so if you need beeswax tapers and you want to shop small, try these candles or these candles

Try this at home: For a more regal take on an advent wreath, wind some boughs into a wreath around this gorgeous candelabra which comes in gold or also comes in silver. Here is one time we used it in a southern setting with the neutral glass/gold tipped Little Lux candles, which also are filled with beeswax, and we wrapped silk ribbons around the arms of the candelabra to represent the Advent colors:

 Buy the supplies you need here: HOUSE OF ROYALS LUX SANCTA CANDLES AND MORE!
If you ask specifically for the purple silk ribbon at checkout...we'll send some along.


2. Jotham's Journey Collection 

A staple at Advent, these books, which we bought here, have become a cherished family tradition. Enthralling tales fraught with danger, of long ago kids on adventures in Holy Land settings, ending up at the manger in Bethlehem, where their sufferings are consoled before the Newborn King. The author doesn't shelter kids from the realities of life so the books may not be suitable for younger or sensitive kids, but the kid level gritty writing will help many children over 7 to stay engaged, and realize how cool their own faith actually is. Our kids have been gripped all season long, by the story, the lessons and the prayers, for 4 years running. 



3. Create Advent Ambiance with House of Royals Home Sanctuary and Maris Home 

Our friends, Anna and Gabe, recently launched the most beautiful print studio, and their offerings of nostalgic fine art prints and digital downloads that you can print at home, as well as bundles for the famous minimalist aesthetic Frame TV. Their art is suited to the type of ambiance created by House of Royals Home Sanctuary, particularly the large Lux Sancta Alabaster Prayer Candle and all the beautiful blankets designed to adorn a home, paired with fine art prints of yesteryear.

 Buy the Lux Sancta Prayer Candle HERE & the Cashmere Sacred Heart Prayer Blanket HERE



4. Advent Calendars are all the rage - our main suggestion is to buy a KING-centered one. It seems obvious, right?

Here's a simple wooden one like this nativity themed one or the paper kind in bulk like this nativity onethis angel one, this shepherd one, or this holy family one - one of our kids' Grandmas actually shipped paper calendars in bulk to each family! While 25 days of nail polish, wine, Swarovski crystals, Dior beauty samplers (for a mere $650), the world's most lovely ornaments, generic paper doors with chocolate drops or puppy treats behind each one are cute...they're not transcendently meaningful (unless they are-you discern). To add in more royalty, go with an advent calendar (chocolates are ok!) that reminds you of the journey you're on. You're traveling with Mary and Joseph and an imminent baby Jesus, on dusty roads toward Bethlehem. If you haven't bought one yet, it's not too late. (Children will have no problem catching up on the chocolates they've missed.)



5. Christmas Carols

There are few Advent songs that one can listen to that really set the tone for the birth of the Christchild. The song Almost There changes that trend...



6. Advent Devotionals, Journals

First of all...it's time for Scripture - ie, read the actual biblical narratives about Christmas. Follow along with daily readings on the Hallow app, or the Take Up and Read devotional, to name two. Or choose your own! If you want a book to change your life, read this one, or listen on audible. Your prayer will never be the same!



7. Wrap Yourself in Royal Tones

Wear shades of violet during Advent, reflective of the royalty of the newborn King and your own inner royalty. The Royals Sacred Heart Cashmere Shawl in an ajour knit was designed for seasonal devotion, to feel wrapped in royalty.



8. Seasonal Blooms in Shades of Violet & Rose

Our favorite online florist is Grace Rose Farms, and this bouquet is in the right shade for the first 2 weeks, and this combination of glorious mauves and blush tones could last for several weeks and cover all the tones. Or go with our runner up, Urban Stems, a larger company several more varieties. Look at this gorgeous mixed violet shades or We ourselves have experienced Urban Stems to last very long and have gracious customer service. 

Then, imagine these stems, called The Wintergreen, or these, the deep moody vase called The Briar, on your mother in law's Christmas table. 



9. Christmas Cards, Gift Wrap 

Create a mystical wonderland with your cards and gift wrap, eschewing the generic seasons' greetings for a hearty Merry Christmas! It is the little King's BIRTHDAY after all! 

Top off your Christmas cards with these Royal Wax Seals of the Sacred Heart. In addition to adding the royal seal of the King, we love the Nativity cards from Rifle Paper Co and Crane and Co for example, and these cards by Lumia Designs* are very exquisite! (*Lumia also prints several cards from alternative spiritualities, so use your discernment...they won't bring true grace but only trouble for your spirit.)

Christian gift wrap has been hard to google this year - if you want a truly luxurious gift bag, try the House of Royals Beauty Lies Within You organic cotton bag - it's voluminous and elegant, flush with gold threaded embroidery for the royal within. You could also explore these gift bags or this one...our best success for wrap is usually not at a designer store, but at a place like Home Goods or TJ Maxx! These fabric totes here and here would make repeat gifting easy!


10. Gather

Gather together as family and friends, in sanctuaries of all kinds such as homes and churches. This felt like it was worth mentioning. It seems so obvious, but in the rush of presents, sometimes the people get lost. Presence/presents.

May you have a very ROYAL Advent, enveloped in warm moments with those you love, and may the King find your heart a waiting haven.

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