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November 17, 2022 2 min read


As the holiday season approaches each year, I find myself naturally visualizing the elements I intend to use to set my table: the centerpiece, silverware, linens, and colors that will create the perfect atmosphere. While these elements tend to change from season to season, there are two that remain constant on every table I set: light and faith.


Lux Sancta Raw Alabaster Prayer Candle; $80.00; Aqua Sacra Crystal Holy Water Font Petite, $45.00


When setting a table, I always recommend incorporating some source of illumination separate from the stark overhead lighting beaming down on the table. Rather, I suggest incorporating light that shines outward and upward and creates a soft glow throughout the room. 

We often reserve candles for a romantic setting or to create a more sophisticated ambience. While they certainly accomplish this, candlelight also has the natural ability to gather us around the table, so that we draw nearer to one another and linger there enjoying one another's company just a bit longer than we otherwise might. During Advent and Christmas, candlelight especially reminds us of the meaning of this season: to celebrate our Savior, the light of the world who draws us closer to Himself and to one another.



Particularly during the holidays, I try to incorporate elements of our faith to remind us of the reason for our celebration. After all, most holidays are born from the Christian tradition. Instead of getting caught up merely in the secular interpretation of the holiday, I like to incorporate some small reminders to bring us back to its true meaning. 

One simple way to accomplish this is by having holy water on the table and setting each place with a Scripture passage that each member can read aloud before dinner. It's important to have physical reminders of prayer in front of us; blessing ourselves with holy water and praying as a family are simple and effective ways to keep Christ at the center of the celebratory feast.


 Evergreen Tablecloth, $68.00



This blog post was written by Therese, a wife, mother, attorney, and creator of Lovely Lady Linens. Her hope is that every piece in her collections—be it a tablecloth or a pillow cover—brings a sense of joy, peace, love, and beauty into the sacred walls of your home and helps radiate authentic femininity. 

Beautiful image of Thérèse from Lovely Lady Linens

This post was originally published in fall of 2020, but shines even truer today.

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