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July 29, 2020 2 min read

I was driving down 5th Street yesterday afternoon, and I was flooded with a sea of memories and emotions bringing me back to the days we would spend hours together at the park, our little ones running around while we solved the problems of the world on the park bench. It feels so long ago now, and as I await the coming of my granddaughter, the memories of when our kids were young come back all the more. 

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve seen you. With moving, a wedding, and now a baby shower, what I imagined to be a slow-paced life seems to only speed up with each passing day. I’ve never been the best at letting the people in my life know how much they mean to me—a trait I’ve always admired of yours. You know the saying, “Don’t let a day pass without letting someone know you love them”? I’m working really hard to be better at that. When the kids were young, we’d schedule play dates nearly every day. The kids could never get enough of each other, but little did they know the play dates were really for us. 

Your friendship was such a gift as I navigated the early years of motherhood and needed a constant reminder that I can still have my own passions and purpose aside from being a mother. A single afternoon with you would revitalize me for a whole week! Our friendship felt so unique because we could go from a deep conversation about faith and family to laughing about our favorite movies and books.

Thank you for the memories we shared together, the lessons you've taught me, and the love you’ve given me over the years. A true friend is hard to find, and your friendship was the rarest of them all — genuine, uplifting, and constant. 

As the years go on, I find myself sending fewer letters, calling more infrequently, and struggling to find time to visit. I am sorry for that. I think of you often, and I continually thank God for all you have given me over the years. I’m coming to learn that just because this season of friendship looks different, it doesn’t make our friendship any less important. 

In an attempt to not let a single day pass without you knowing my love, I’m sending you this beautiful Sacred Heart Set. My hope is that you’ll wear it close to your heart, and that it will serve as a continuous reminder of my love and gratitude. 

You are uniquely loved. And it is a privilege to be loved by you. 

May you always be surrounded in grace.

Your old friend, 


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