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June 21, 2019 2 min read

Gazing upon the mirrored vanity in a friend's home, we wondered at a small tray of collected perfumes from designers in scents we all delight in...Chanel...Yves St. Laurent...Coach...Balenciaga...there, placed out for use, for all her guests to test and try after washing their hands, was this thoughtful act of grace. Imagine among these, my creative heart mentioned to my mind, a perfume sized bottle...of holy water? In the heart of Royals is a many faceted jewel of purpose. Among these is to bring forth ancient beauty into the modern world in soft, elegant, relatable ways. She had done this instantly, thinking of how her friends would enjoy each scent. My husband and I were brought back to all the occasions where we longed for a small holy water vessel on-hand. From our child's daily going out the door routine and school drop off, to bedtime blessings, and birthdays, holidays and occasions. As personal faith, family traditions, and home sanctuary developed further, I began to buy up elegant crystal vials and scatter them around our home, knowing that at any given moment, blessing someone with holy water could be needed or desired. In spiritual terms, holy water is a sacramental. It is a mixture of blessed salt and blessed water, and by its use, if our hearts are open, God can bless us in our lives. Sacramentals operate by means of the church’s intercession. Through the prayers of the church and by the pious use of holy water, our mind is enlightened and our will is moved away from evil and prompted to do good; and both body and mind are thereby strengthened and healed. Strengthened and healed.There is so much need for this in my What does all this theology mean? Simply put, holy water is important and we not only can but should be blessing our homes, our children, our grandchildren, our loves...and ourselves with it every single day. Sprinkle homes with holy water to bless and to protect them. Bless ourselves as we come and go from those homes with similar intent. When we lie down at night, or rise in the morning, let us do so with this sacramental protection. Have a baptism coming up? Do you have family or friends moving into a new home? Is there a baby on the way or do you just need a great gift to bless the people you love? This is the perfect gift. Fill it with water from the font where a baptism takes place, and the child will have holy water from the font where he or she was baptized, to treasure and use! Use it for a bride and groom, from the font in the church where they were married. + How do you make holy water a part of your daily life? Make it a prominent part of your home. And, to be a prominent part of your home it has to be beautiful, elegant, and able to fit in any environment… so that is what we created. To a life surrounded by love, beauty and grace, Anne

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