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Lux Sancta Prayer Candle 100% Beeswax Insert - 2 Refills

Set of 2 Lux Sancta pure beeswax insert refills for your Lux Sancta Alabaster Prayer Candle*.

Light your daily prayers to heaven in the original Lux Sancta Prayer Candle, an oversized, luminous white alabaster prayer candle emblazoned with the Sacred Heart in flames and the words Lux Sancta (holy light). The House of Royals Lux Sancta Prayer Candle comes with a solid alabaster lid engraved with the Royals crown, to be used as a protective coaster on sensitive surfaces and repurposed later.

These replaceable glass inserts are handpoured in prayer with certified all-organic 100% pure beeswax and cotton wick on location at the House of Royals studio. 

Fine Detailing, Imperfectly Perfect

Handpoured in prayer on location at our private studio in Los Angeles, California, by the all-organic artisanal BeeWell Candle Co and House of Royals team. Approx. 30-33 hours burn time. Take care to trim the wick before each new burning to 1/4 inch. Longer burn times are helpful for beeswax candles so they pool and burn evenly; however, never leave a candle unattended or around children or pets. Candles become extremely hot and caution is recommended. Continue to refill your votive with these inserts or tea lights, or feel free to reuse your votive creatively in whatever way inspires you, for example, as a vase, a makeup brush holder, or family rosary holder.


  • Set of 2 - substantial handpoured 100% pure certified organic beeswax insert
  • All organic beeswax is sourced in California
  • Each candle is poured into glass and anchored by a true holy medal (turn the glass over for a peek at yours!)
  • Glass is 3.5" high and 3" diameter, fits perfectly into the Lux Sancta Alabaster Prayer Candle
  • 30-33 hour prayer burn time
  • Product Dedication Card
  • Gift Box 

*Please note - this listing includes refill only, and does not include the Lux Sancta Alabaster Prayer Candle itself. The Lux Sancta Alabaster Prayer Candle can be purchased by clicking here.

מרים המגדלית Saint Maria Magdalena / Ora pro nobis

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