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December 03, 2019 14 min read

The largest gift guide on the list goes to the women we love. Mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, wives, aunts, friends, godmothers, coworkers and more...these women are special and we want them to know with gestures of love.

So, while not nearly as comprehensive as all the ideas we could have had, we've gathered it all anyway in the hopes that it will be a help to you. Some of these gifts may complement what you're already lavishing on your beautiful Royals. We've tried to cover several styles and price points, as well as elaborate on a healthy number of everyday items alongside ones that will inspire the women in your life with the faith and virtue they need to claim their crowns each and every day, especially as we all prepare for the Christchild's birth.


  1. Swarovski Nativity - Such a beautiful crystal rendering of the nativity, featuring Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Star and Three Wise Men.
  2. Lux Sancta Alabaster Candle - For the early morning prayer times or whispers in twilight shadows, the Lux Sancta Alabaster Votive is where we can offer up the most heartfelt intentions.
  3. Crystal Rosary by Waterford - "A stunning gift that will last a lifetime, these beautifully crafted Rosary Beads are 18" long and feature Italian made, Mother-of-Pearl beads with a Madonna medal, adorned with a Waterford crystal cross inspired by the rich heritage of Celtic Christianity."
  4. Private Photoshoot with Madi Myers-Cook - Give your loved ones the gift of a memory captured in time! Madi is a professional traveling photographer. Together with her fiancé, Alex, she has founded Station 6, where together they also offer video services. Madi will bring your family and professional photoshoots to life with beauty and creativity. Flowing from a deep spirituality herself, Madi's work is unique in her field. The consummate professional, she has also worked on many diverse professional projects for worthy initiatives as well as an abundance of weddings and personal photoshoots.
  5. Face of Christ on Veil, Framed - The subject of this Fine Art piece is the Face of Jesus Christ in his suffering state for the salvation of humanity, an image evoking the devotions of men and women throughout the centuries. This beautifully handcrafted brass sculpture is reposed on Belgian linen and mulberry paper, and hand framed in brass (18″ x 18″ x 1.5″) by Mrs. Maria Franklin of Center Peace Works.
  6. Aqua Sacra Holy Water Font - Let this beautiful crystal bottle evoke a sense of royalty in your loved one. She can use this Holy Water font in everyday life and on special occasions, and the small bottle will hopefully awaken conversation.
  7. Commission Vivian Imbruglia of Sacred Image Icons - Vivian is a deep well of prayer and contemplation, as she remains much of the time in a state of artistic communion with God while writing each icon by hand. It would be a most exquisite gift to commission Vivian to create a personalized heirloom icon for a loved one.
  8. Sacred Heart Devotion Handbag - A mainstay of the Dolce & Gabbana line is their Sacred Heart devotion bag. She can wear her love for the Sacred Heart with homage on her person while remembering always His Divine Love for her.
  9. Starlight Eyeshadow Palette - This year's Christmas line at Beautycounter is sure to make your loved one feel beautiful as she sparkles all throughout the feast days.
  10. Be Healed by Dr. Bob Schuchts - This book and the truths and witness within have completely transformed many lives. Whatever you are going through, Dr. Bob Schuchts has been through in the first person in one way or another. As a Catholic therapist, he is trained to heal through therapy. As a healer in a ministry on behalf of God, he has performed healing miracles through prayer and the sacraments. Are you suffering depression, anxiety, or any type of trauma or wound, from the mildest to the most severe? This book is for you. Be prepared...although it is the easiest of reads...you will not be the same.
  11. Dapper & Darling Keepsake Necklace - This absolutely stunning keepsake necklace is a unique concept that will move a woman you love to tears. After gathering a loved one's silhouette, Dapper and Darling will laser engrave it carefully upon mother-of-pearl and a choice of sterling silver, gold or rose gold chains, to wear about her neck. She will most certainly treasure this keepsake forever.
  12. Kay Clarity - If the woman in your life enjoys reflective, lyrical vocals and expressions straight from a poetic heart, she may enjoy Kay Clarity's latest release, "Jewel Tones".
  13. Paul Rubens Artist Watercolor Paints, Glitter Solid Colors, Set of 24 - Women of today are finding freedom to explore their creative passions, and this watercolor set is oh so pretty in shimmer colors. Perhaps gift her a class together?
  14. SoulCore Prayer & Strengthening Exercises DVD/Download Combo - With hours of stretching and strengthening exercises both on DVD and on demand, SoulCore is an ideal gift for anyone. Founded as a Catholic response to the need for overall wellbeing, the videos are meditative, but in a way that incorporates the rosary, Divine Mercy and other rhythmic prayers. Help her to care for herself, body, mind and spirit this Christmas.
  15. Winter Meditations and O Radiant Dawn - She will appreciate the solace that devotionals offer to her prayer time. Winter Meditations by Fr. John Bartunek, LC, is a small seasonal book of meditations that are easy prompts to opening the heart up in prayer. O Radiant Dawn is the newest Advent offering from the Take Up and Read ministry, and a force of collaboration between many proficient Catholic women authors whose aim is to support daily Lectio Divina, or study and prayer over God's Word. There is much space for reading, praying and journaling throughout these devotionals and they are sure to enhance Advent preparations.
  16. Peppermint and Sacred Frankincense Essential Oils - Both of these oils are favorites at Christmas time. Peppermint is a huge favorite stimulant and refresher for all year round, and sacred frankincense is the self-same oil brought by the wise men to the manger of Baby Jesus. There are myriad explanations online of how to use each one of these. Just make sure the essential oil you purchase is 100% pure as many brands cut their oils with other lesser oils to save on price and launch for wide distribution. It's worth it to buy from a reputable brand.
  17. Crystal Halo Chandelier by Restoration Hardware - So many of us are striving to create an inspirational home sanctuary in our homes and lives. From the moment we laid eyes on this chandelier from Restoration Hardware years ago, we were struck by how well it reflects a sense of celestial royalty in a home. It is inspired by a stunning antique French chandelier from the 1930s, echoing the ingenuity of that early design. In its largest version, over 44,000 faceted, hand-wrapped crystal glass beads wrap the steel frame to form a floating orb, suspended via a steel cable. The beadwork, reflecting and refracting the interior light, casts a warm glow. The Halo comes in several sizes, from 32" diameter up to 72", and also comes in black or "smoke" colored crystal, and we imagine the glory of heaven and the halos of saints and angels every time we look at it. Restoration Hardware offers very affordable membership pricing and free design services. They also offer several other chandeliers that have a similar effect, such as the round brass and silver offerings that reminds us of Christ the King's crown (e.g. Canelle, Fontanelle). Let her eyes soar heavenward every time she looks at her new chandelier.
  18. HK Home Organizers - What if your loved one could enjoy a personal organizer to work with her to go through years' worth of treasures and find what really matters, bringing peace and calm to a home, especially in the New Year? Try hiring an expert to help sort through together. Local to Los Angeles, CA? Work with Helen Hitzel and Kristin Russell. Reach them at 310.213.9607 and russellhitzel@gmail.com.
  19. Fulton and Flannery, The Pivotal Players - By Christmas, the most beloved Fulton Sheen will be a beatified blessed! Bishop Robert Barron at Word On Fire is offering an upgrade to his Pivotal Players collection with this DVD set on Fulton Sheen and Flannery O'Connor, two of the most influential and impactful Catholics of our times. Find out why!
  20. Curved Velvet Sofa in Fawn by McGee and Co - The curved sofa is finally making a mainstream comeback, which is oh so conducive to close conversations with those you love. Moreover, this luxe, cozy sofa from McGee and Co could easily become the prayer couch of your loved one's dreams. The long single line of base cushion and lumbar backing means pillows stay attached and don't shift, and the soft texture of the velvet wrapped around real down fill will envelop her each day. Choose from a wide array of fabric coverings, including Linen and Crypton (we featured Velvet in Fawn). In a larger space, consider purchasing two and placing them face to face for maximizing the beauty and conversation value. Try designing a space that is easy for people to relate to each other. This elegant sofa will far outlast trends and become one more way to bring the family together. McGee and Co may be fresh(ish) on the design scene, but they have become style setters to follow, and women cannot get enough of Shea's infectious smile and endless light and airy spaces... We're secretly fans of Studio McGee as much for her and Syd's relationship as a couple and family as we are for their work! This sofa is one more reason we're so glad she began to design her own decor.
  21. Fontanini Nativity - Probably the most famous nativity in the world right now (and likely still the most beautiful), the Fontanini can be purchased in this small set, or can be purchased from a distributor all the way up to 27", 50" or even 70" for larger spaces! Try House of Fontanini or Fontanini Store.
  22. Chunky Knit Prayer Blanket and Silk + Swarovski Prayer Ribbon - Does the woman you love spend time in prayer each day for those she cares about...or does she want to do so more often? This blanket was designed for her or someone she loves be wrapped in the warmth of love. Sometimes we worry that wool will be scratchy... This is not the wool of our childhood. This very particular variety of wool is 100% pure merino from Australia, and it is the finest of the sheep fiber, making it super soft and gentle against skin. This blanket was designed in a very current style of large knit loops, is extremely soft and warm, and is also generously oversized. The House of Royals prayer blanket comes with a rosary prayer ribbon made up of a Swarovski crystal rosary encrusted on the very long silk ribbon, which the giftee can use to thread through the loops of the blanket, or keep for wearing or personal use.
  23. Ember Mug - This mug is one of those proofs of human genius. Not only does this smartmug keep your coffee or tea hot, but you can also choose exactly what temperature you like it, and it will keep hot for 1.5 hours for the 10 oz and 80 minutes for the 14 oz! This is the ultimate "mom gift".
  24. Floral Paper Guest Towels by Caitlin Wilson Design - Caitlin Wilson spent years traveling with her husband in exotic places and taking in the culture wherever she went. What resulted was an overflowing of creativity into her own design firm, and these Chinoiserie paper guest towels are a feast for the eyes and for her guests, in fresh colors, far into the New Year.
  25. Magnolia Journal Subscription - Joanna and Chip Gaines' whole existence (aside from their witness to a Godly marriage and loving family) is delivering beauty to an entire generation hanging off their every inspiration. Together, they own several businesses under the Magnolia brand - real estate, restaurant and coffee shop, hospitality, a marketplace, an entertainment venue, online store and blog - operating out of Waco, Texas. (Not to mention a little TV show called Fixer Upper!) The Magnolia Journal is a print magazine of everything that is good about Magnolia's offerings, full of meaningful messages and articles, how-tos, styling tips, and product features. The woman in your life would most likely not splurge on this herself, but would be tickled that you did! She may appreciate a year or two's worth of seasonal pages to pour over. Joanna also has an easy reading but very in depth home style guide called Homebody that we love, available wherever books are sold. Joanna also manages ongoing quality furniture and decor collaborations with multiple national retailers, and their Hearth & Hand by Magnolia line at Target is always a hit with everyone we know.
  26. Tile - Ohhhhh...the Tile. Have you heard of this yet? Have you ever lost your keys? Or misplaced your phone? How about the TV remote? Tiles are little gadgets that are lost item trackers. Tiles come as stickers, keychains or credit card lookalikes, and slip onto your keys, your phone, your wallet, your tablet, a kid's lunchbox, or whatever else you want to guarantee you can find when lost. With a Tile, you can find what you've lost instantly. Download the app on your devices, and ring your Tile...it will go off. There are so many new features with Tile Premium, including smart alerts (your app will alert you if you've gone too far out of range, meaning you've possibly forgotten your phone) and a community of users. Don't get overwhelmed though, at the end of the day, this is a very easy to use tracker that you attach to the things you're most likely to lose, and a free app that sync up with them to find them. You can even buy in bulk or grab family packs.
  27. Countertime Regimen - This is the ultimate of skin care luxury, according to every woman who has used it so far. We've come a long way in awareness of skin care and makeup health, especially thanks to programs like the Environmental Working Group and their project, the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, which rates the toxicity levels of what women put on their bodies. So many skin care regimens and even the designer makeup contain seriously damaging chemicals and toxins that cause disease and disrupt a woman's delicate hormone balance. Invest in a designer regimen that has been created without any harmful ingredients, but still has the healthy skin promotion and anti-aging properties women long for.
  28. Trinitas Wine Gift Card - Trinintas Cellars is sure to delight the wine lover of the family, with a host of Catholic-inspired wines for every occasion.
  29. Adoration of the Magi Wooden Christmas Puzzle - A puzzle experience: we wish everyone could instantly own one of these puzzles. Made of laser-cut wood pieces, including hidden shapes within the pieces themselves, this puzzle is an elevated take on the traditional family challenge. This Christmas themed puzzle is only a Level 2 difficulty, so will keep family members entertained over the holidays, while ensuring the kids can join in. It is also beautiful to look at when finished.
  30. Theology of Home and Sacred Spaces - At House of Royals, we speak a lot about creating home sanctuary full of items that surround yourself and those you love with grace. Theology of Home urges us to create home itself. Three women have come together to compile a coffee table book that you will actually want to sit and read at length, full of deep reasoning behind what God's vision is for the concept of home, and how to return to it. Home is a space for nurturing, loving, and fulfilling a vocation. However, in our culture, homemaking has been blurred into a thing of shame...if only we all could know the value of giving loved ones a place they can call home. For any woman who longs to make a soft place for all growth in love for her family. It is also visually remarkable. Meanwhile, Sacred Spaces soars into the architecture and execution of the majestic sweeping scapes in churches across the world. Care to be transported by image to some of the most beautiful places of devotion? Try Sacred Spaces.
  31. Parks - This game is highly reviewed especially for its quality illustrations and its educational powers. Bring the whole family together to experience nature in exciting new ways through game play... We all love our national parks, preserved so well for our enjoyment. Learn the features of each one and walk away feeling like you've been there.
  32. Blanqi Maternity Support Tank - Developed by two Catholic moms and BFFs when they were pregnant with their children for the first time, the Blanqi maternity wear are still the #1 brand for tank and leggings support for expectant and postpartum women. If you know someone who is pregnant or postpartum, or you yourself are currently in that state, check out Blanqi. There is so much preparation that goes into the baby's needs and, often times, mom's needs take second place. Treat the woman you love to a little pampering and ease the aches that come from many months and years of selflessness with Blanqi.
  33. Beauty Lies Within You Tote in Cognac - Speaking of spoiling the women you love... This all leather tote with secret engraved interior is designed for women of all ages. It is minimalist on the exterior, adorned only with a detachable raw silk ribbon encrusted with a Swarovski crystal cross on the ribbon. On the inside is laser engraved the words Beauty Lies Within You as a reminder to the carrier of her inner beauty, and a pattern taken from the dress of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so that Our Lady stays close to the bearer at all times. The tote is designed by House of Royals and handcrafted by Arte y Piel in El Salvador. The totes make a huge impact on the employment opportunities and way of life in the local village of San Julian in El Salvador. (Black versions are coming in December.) If you want her to know how beloved she is, invest in a tote that tells her every single day.
  34. Engraved Ecru Gold Cross Note by Crane and Co. - Crane and Co is synonymous with refined stationery and these engraved cross cards are our favorite. Particularly fitting for sacraments such as baptism, communion, confirmation and weddings or just as a particularly elegant card for any occasion.
  35. Snowman Kit by Hearth & Hand - This kit will be loads of outdoor fun with kids in the snow over Christmas break...and your snowman may even look classy!
  36. Devotion Earrings In Yellow Gold with Black Sapphires & White and Rose Gold Bracelet with Religious Medallions - Gorgeous drop earrings and medallion bracelet from Dolce & Gabbana with spiritual elements and authentic holy medals for special occasions.
  37. Sacred Heart Earrings - Coming December. A new representation of the Sacred Heart ex voto in sterling silver. So many of us can relate to the love of the Heart of God. One of the promises of the Sacred Heart is for special grace and blessing to whoever shows devotion to the Sacred Heart by wearing it on his or her person. Email or call for pricing and availability: concierge@houseofroyals.com.
  38. Footprints of God Family Christmas Pilgrimage to the Holy Land - Can you imagine spending Christmas in the Holy Land with your whole family, including children? Steve and Janet Ray have been traveling worldwide their whole lives together, and have designed safe and seamless pilgrimage packages for families that span multiple days of exploring the sites with their expert guide, Amer, a practicing Catholic himself. Chaplains are chosen for their joyful engaging pastoral nature, so that kids can feel part and bond with each other and their families. Throughout the pilgrimage, you’ll enjoy Steve and Janet’s trusted hotels and delicious meals including some amazing dinner experiences away from the typical hotel buffets. Wine is provided with all dinners along with a wide range of cuisines to experience the Holy Land to it’s fullest. You will receive their 110-page color handbook, daily YouTube videos so your family and friends can join you virtually every day, and a fully edited movie of your trip upon your return home. What a magnificent gift this would be for the formation and inspiration of a whole family.


Also, consider a "Perpetual Mass Enrollment" like this one at the Society of the Little Flower, where your loved one will be remembered each and every mass throughout her life. There is no more meaningful gift than to have a mass prayed for a person you care about. Also, check out this creative Grandparents Christmas Adventure Box!

May the woman you love feel a sense of her worth as she creates a blessed, grace-filled life and home for all those around her.

See our gift guide for the Little Royals here, Young Women here, Young Men here, and for Men here. And if you haven't, join our email list below for ongoing updates.

Happy Advent & a Merry Christmas, hopefully surrounded by Grace,


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