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November 30, 2019 9 min read

We've pulled together some of the best gifts of the season to complement what you're already lavishing on your beautiful Royals. We've tried to cover several styles and price points, as well as elaborate on a healthy number of everyday items alongside ones that will inspire the girls in your life with the faith and virtue they need to claim their crowns each and every day, especially as we all prepare for the Christchild's birth.


  1. All Saints Bandana by Be A Heart - There is no doubt these cotton ascot bandanas are the rage right now, and Be A Heart's saint bandana in Erica Tighe Campbell's unique art style keep the heavenly friends close while hitting a total trend.
  2. "Beautiful" Starry Light by Restoration Hardware - One of the vulnerabilities of a woman of any age is recalling her inner and outer beauty. This sign could be a constant reminder of how God sees his daughter. Other inspiring words are also available, such as "believe", "dream", "imagine" and "love".
  3. Pop Sockets Phone Stand - It's a matter of personal taste, but we are really all about the tortoise shell right now, so we thought you may love these pop sockets, which also come in black and rose quartz. You can get these pop sockets anywhere and they give a phone a good grip when held or a stand when not.
  4. Ave Maria Phone Case by Brass & Mint Co - Speaking of phones...here is a beautiful cover in several variations of iPhone sizes, so she can keep Our Lady close. Plus it's just so beautiful. Carolyn Svellerella makes girls feel good about themselves with her hilarious and relatable views on life. Brass & Mint Co. also offers an almost fully transparent AMDG version for the minimalist look.
  5. Flannery O'Connor Truth Mug by Meaningful Market - Perhaps you have listened to Michelle Benzinger's podcast, Abiding Together, or have heard her speak on any number of inspiring topics, but this is her redemption-driven shop! This very pretty mug is also well-sized for the morning (or late night) coffee.
  6. Sacred Heart Drop Earrings by House of Royals - *Coming December* A new representation of the Sacred Heart ex voto in sterling silver. So many of us can relate to the love of the Heart of God. One of the promises of the Sacred Heart is for special grace and blessing to whoever shows devotion to the Sacred Heart by wearing it on his or her person. Email or call for pricing and availability: concierge@houseofroyals.com.
  7. Beauty Lies Within You Leather Tote by House of Royals - Women are literally swooning over this cognac leather tote, handcrafted by Arte y Piel in El Salvador, and its secret interior. On the outside, it is a pretty, minimalist carryall, and on the inside, it is laser engraved with the pattern of Our Lady of Guadalupe's dress and the handlettered words "Beauty Lies Within You". The totes also make a huge impact on the employment opportunities and way of life in the local village of San Julian in El Salvador. These particular totes are limited edition and are selling fast. Black versions are coming in December. If you want her to know how beloved she is, invest in a tote that tells her every single day.
  8. Monogram Mugs by Rifle Paper Co. - Give girls all the Rifle Paper Co. all. the. time. Anna Rifle Bond and her husband, Nathan Bond, have long been putting beauty out into the world from the early watercolor illustrations in her kitchen late at night to her worldwide influence over the art meets everyday essentials movement. This anniversary collection with Anthropolgie is no exception. If you want to thrill a girl, personalize something for her. See the whole collection, which also includes pillows, bedding, rugs, notebooks and so much more.
  9. Feathered Heart, Gold by Restoration Hardware - This beautiful work of art is created of gilt feathers, and is designed to "evoke the heart's complexity and the tender yet fierce nature of love."
  10. We have two complementary gifts in this post... First, the Ernie and Irene Llama Advent Calendar and Anthropologie's 12 Days of Sparkle Christmas Calendar - More Anthro favorites! The first calendar is designed by Holly Guertin, a professional fiber artist, who is also a woman of faith! No wonder her work is so dreamy. The second calendar is a great idea! It's packed full of sparkly bobbles like unique earring posts and decorative bobby pins that she can wear all throughout the holidays. Although it is marked as an "Advent" calendar, we believe the 12 days of Christmas begin after Advent, so we recommend this begins her new tradition of 12 days of celebrating from Dec 25 on! The girls in your life can carry these traditions through their high school years and into college, and even use it when they begin to have their own children.
  11. Angel Wings Ornament by Swarovski - Add this stunning ornament to her collection this year...she will cherish it forever. A Swarovski ornament will last a lifetime of Christmases, and you can definitely ask for this special ornament to be blessed, turning it into a sacred object!
  12. Guadalupe Bracelet by Stella + Tide - Stella + Tide has become a favorite staple of young women, due to its minimalist - "dainty" - nature. Reviewers profess to wear this jewelry "everyday" due to how simple and pretty it is, while making them feel close to God.
  13. Eye Sparklers Palette - This Limited Edition Christmas and holiday palette by the all natural Beautycounter is one designer brand you can trust when it comes to makeup, in a time when we've realized how serious the chemicals we are putting on and in our bodies really are. We can vouch for Beautycounter ourselves as high coverage, long lasting and simply beautiful... She will love these. Beautycounter also employs consultants as their sales persons, so if you'd like a portion of your purchase to go to a human being, shop through a rep like Maria or Nicole.
  14. Maximilian Kolbe Tumbler - Stay hydrated, inspired and witnessing with this Be A Heart tumbler.
  15. Gold Petite Key Necklace by The Giving Keys - Does the girl you love have a Giving Keys necklace? The Giving Keys is a pay-it-forward company (a social enterprise, which we 1000% believe in) that uplifts the homeless with opportunities for employment, while creating unique and selfless jewelry. The theory behind the keys is that one will embrace her word and then one day, when she meets someone who really needs that particular word or virtue, she will pass on her key to them...continuing to encourage people on their life journey. This key comes in the words "WORTHY", "BREATHE" and "COURAGE", but there are very many styles and options to choose from.
  16. Madewell Gift Card - She will appreciate literally anything from Madewell, so why not just give her a splurge card and let her choose?
  17. slip for beauty sleep 3-Pack Slipsilk Hair Ties - In sets of 3 with a variety of colors to choose from, these hair ties are delicate on hair due to being crafted from 100% silk.
  18. Lux U by Leah Darrow - Leah is a fierce and beautiful woman of God, and utterly relatable to the women of today. Having passed through the world of professional modeling and even starring in a reality TV show, she is now a wife, mom and entrepreneur who has just launched Lux University, a brand new subscription platform designed for prayer, community and formation. This app is subscription-based, so sign your loved one up as a gift...and see how it empowers her in her faith and leadership!
  19. So many life-changing books out there, from classics to modern motivators! Fulton Sheen is finally about to be beatified, next week! With all the issues we are experiencing in our church, it is very edifying to read his revolutionary and very creatively written life story in his autobiography Treasure in Clay. Pier Giorgio Frassati is many young people's favorite saint as he was handsome and from an aristocratic family, yet struggled at school and preferred to spend his time mountaineering, volunteering on missions and rebelling with his friends against the fascist regime. There is no greater starter book than this one, A Man of the Beatitudes, as it was written by someone with an up close perspective on his life...his sister, Luciana. It's very poignant and engaging, and will have the reader going between tears and efforts to be a better person. Lastly, God has blessed countless young women through the music, preaching and witness of Emily Wilson Hussem. Between her faithful living of single life and her love story with her husband and baby, and the encouraging words found here in her book, Go Bravely, she will get inside the worries and hopes of every young girl and point them in the right direction.
  20. To the Heights Long Sleeve Tee (Teal) by Paradigm Clothing Company - Espousing the view of "to seek Him is the greatest adventure" by St. Augustine, and the "verso l'alto" mantra of holiness by Blessed Pier Giorgio, this unisex shirt will be one to snuggle up in for days over the holiday.
  21. Argent Lourdes Necklace - 1951 - Trésors blue are tiny pieces of French art and devotion. Also known as Médailles De Pelerinage" or "Medals of Pilgrimage," these little medals have had voyages from another generation, another life, another country. The deep "ultramarine" blue is the sacred color of Mary, representing truth, hope, and faith. Each item is numbered, and this item comes with options in chain length.
  22. Mini Lip Gloss Vault - A whole collection of lip gloss in so many colors are perfect for splitting up and gifting or for her to enjoy experimenting herself. Non toxic ingredients. For all the special occasions coming up!
  23. More beauty and inspiration from Be A Heart - Erica's Guadalupe Journal is an all-time favorite, especially for prayer times.
  24. Our dear friend, Erin Marek, of Marek Made is the quintessential artist of diverse media. She sells out of her felt dolls within minutes of opening up, but she has also turned her incredible handcut designs into art prints, and this Giclee Portrait of a Young Saint John Paul IIis our favorite. In her words, "If you're Catholic, its guaranteed you know at LEAST 3-5 people named John Paul, so your Christmas gift is now sorted!"
  25. Guadalupe Socks - Socks are a Christmas staple and your girl will love these super soft versions by Be A Heart.
  26. Shine Hat - We love the black monochromatic effect of this Shine Hat! It's affordable and not only a reminder to let her light shine, but also a witness!
  27. We know most people probably already have a Hydro Flask, but we included it anyway, because even though it's the hilarious trademark of today's #VSCOgirl trend, we really do need to drink way more H2O. Plus, they're great for personalizing with inspirational stickers.
  28. Crosley x UO Exclusive Mauve Velvet Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player - The vintage-inspired turntable of a girl's dreams. Gift her this along with a personal coaching session on where to find the best records...perhaps in your collection or a trip together to a record store?
  29. The Other Side of Beauty - Leah Darrow's riveting story of learning the truth about beauty and self-worth will capture any woman of this generation, even if it's simply with respect for this woman's journey in the face of life's challenges. Available also on kindle.
  30. Lux Sancta Alabaster Prayer Candle by House of Royals - Made to glow! Guide her in designing her own prayer space at home, in her dorm or in her apartment. The girl you love can carry this pure translucent candle with her from high school to college into the professional world. Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and in honor of the alabaster jar of perfume Saint Mary Magdalene used to anoint Jesus' feet, this candle comes with a beeswax insert and gift box, and explanations on how to use it each and every day. It glows when lit in dark spaces.
  31. Blessed Is She MINI Liturgical Calendar Year Planner 2020 - These planners come in the "mini" and "big" sizes, for everyday use. In spite of the technology age, most girls still love to write things down by hand, including the intentions, plans and commitments they have on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. This planner also highlights feast days and saint days.
  32. Advent Wreath Blessings + Prayers Card by Fiat Lux - This prayer card is for preparing all hearts for Advent with prayers perfect for the season.
  33. If you really want to support her in her walk with God, gift your beloved girl the ultimate faith experience at the best conference of the year (and New Year) at Seek - SLS2020! The largest Catholic youth conference of the country, presented by FOCUS, is in Phoenix, AZ, this year, and over 35,000 young people will be gathering for prayer, sacraments, formation, and major connection with each other as allies in the new evangelization. Teens and college age are welcome. It's young people living as they are meant to be and the energy at SLS2020 promises to be revolutionary, as always.


Also, consider a "Perpetual Mass Enrollment" like this one at the Society of the Little Flower, where your loved one will be remembered each and every mass throughout her life. There is no more meaningful gift than to have a mass prayed for a person you care about.

May all the Young Royals - whether millennials or gen z - feel a sense of their worth and the call to greatness in establishing a culture of beauty in the future.

See our gift guide for the Little Royals here, For Young Women, For Young Men, For Men and For Women. And if you haven't, join our email list below for ongoing updates.

Happy Advent & a Merry Christmas, hopefully surrounded by Grace,


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