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November 29, 2019 8 min read

We've pulled together some of the best gifts of the season to complement what you're already lavishing on your little royals. We've tried to cover several styles and price points, as well as elaborate on a healthy number of everyday items alongside ones that will inspire children with the faith and virtue they need to claim their crowns each and every day, especially as we all prepare for the Christchild's birth.


  1. Ernie and Irene - From alpacas to Sacred Hearts, fiber artist Holly Guertin's work is not only unique but stunning. We are LOVING her Advent calendar here. Holly stocks one of a kind pieces and also takes commissions. The neutral textures? Sighhhhh. Find her here and in Anthropologie.
  2. Aqua Sacra Crystal Holy Water Font, Petite - House of Royals - Parents, grandparents and godparents can bless their little ones at any time by filling up this holy water font with holy water from special occasions and sites, or just having the water blessed. It has a rosebud topper, a raw white silk ribbon and a gold Sacred Heart medal, making it the prettiest holy water bottle out there...but also useful in any nursery or children's room, as a constant reminder of inner royalty, and to use in blessing them.
  3. Be A Heart - There is no question Erica's designs are what everyone is craving right now. Her art is fresh and unique, and her shop is affordably priced and such a hit among kids. Her scrunchies are currently sold out, but she still has baby headbands in stock! Being surrounded by reminders of faith means even the hair ties!
  4. Knit Scarf with Heraldic Patch by Dolce & Gabbana Boys - A virgin wool scarf made in Italy for your little royal.
  5. Recordable Storybooks - These are absolute treasures! For a grandparent who is far away, a parent who travels, a godparent who wants a child to know how precious he or she is...these books are listened to over and over by children. There are Christmas and special occasion books, and everyday books. Remove batteries when storing...it is a book children will want keep forever.
  6. Dapper & Darling - We love these custom silhouettes and included this keepsake necklace in the gift guide "for her". Meanwhile, all you have to do is send Kailey a side profile pic of a child and she will customize any number of silhouette cameo style works of art for you. These would be so adorable and definitely a keepsake!
  7. Dolls From Heaven - Dolls From Heaven offers a few high quality saint doll options: St. Therese of Lisieux, St. John Paul II, St. Joan of Arc and Mary of Nazareth. Each doll comes with accessories as well, such as a change of outfit and his or her own book. The perfect gift for any little royal this Christmas.
  8. Pearl of Great Price Necklace by House of Royals - Every princess needs a set of pearls, and these have been customized with a Sacred Heart of Jesus holy medal on them. The double strand ties into a bow in the back so the size is adjustable. Girls will love to dress up their outfits with this modern take on a faith necklace.
  9. Guardian Angel Bracelet by Dolce & Gabbana - A yellow guardian angel bracelet for the little royal to wear on special occasions...the memory of her companion in life held close.
  10. Advent Calendar by Rifle Paper Co. - An illustrative take on the nativity advent calendar that will be beloved by any little, and probably the adults in their lives too.
  11. Castle Dollhouse by Pottery Barn Kids - This adorable playhouse will house all the little princesses and princes inside.
  12. Dondolo Baby - This is a brand that should be on every loved one's radar. Full of unique wardrobe options for your littles, designed and launched by Christian moms in Dallas in collections each season, and handmade in Colombia, Dondolo has quintessential childhood charm. Their Christmas collection is almost sold out, but a new season is around the corner.
  13. Sancti Infantis Blanket by House of Royals - *COMING SOON* This elegant, double ply and oversized white embroidered blanket is coming soon to House of Royals. For all inquiries, email concierge@houseofroyals.com. There is an ongoing waitlist for those who'd like to be notified, and the swaddle collection drops early December.
  14. Beautycounter Limited Edition Jellies - These jellies are completely natural and non-toxic as well as yummy and with light coverage, perfect for littles.
  15. Be Courageous Youth Philosophy Tee by Brunello Cucinelli - Cucinelli is always most certainly a splurge, but the philosopher entrepreneur runs a humanist empire that treats its employees and customers with the utmost dignity. The king of cashmere also delivers on unrivaled quality...so it is never "just" a tee, and the investment buyers make is in his thriving vision and town shaped by his impact. This is the type of "brand name" a child could be proud to wear on his shirt. See Brunello's jackets, sweaters and accessories too.
  16. Heraldic Patch King Tee by Dolce & Gabbana - we are princes of the King and your little royal will know it, sporting this tee.
  17. Jotham's Journey - This book is the #1 Advent tradition for all those who've discovered it. Page by page, the gripping stories keep a whole family clamoring for more, while opening up hearts and homes to the Christchild at Christmas. It is a series of 4, but only 1 book should be used per year, leaving years worth of tradition left. Find it at the link or on Amazon.
  18. White/Gold Frame Ornament by Caitlin Wilson Design - Caitlin Wilson's taste was influenced greatly by her diverse travels, and it shows. Everything she touches turns to beauty. These simple ornaments are perfect for capturing "this year's photo".
  19. The Usborne Nutcracker Slot Together Theatre & The Kurt Adler Nutcracker Miniatures - There is something so majestic and magical about the nutcracker story at Christmas, and these sweet treasures will become keepsakes for sure. We also recommend the regular sized Kurt Adler nutcracker ornaments, as they are stunning and heirloom quality. They come in sets and individually sold, and different sets can be gifted to different children and you won't run out of styles! The Nutcracker Theatre comes with a script and pop out dolls, as well as a soundtrack online, if you choose.
  20. Sequoia Sierra x Royals Little Royals Vestments - by request. Sequoia Sierra, owner and designer at Liturgical Co., a full service custom vestment company, has created a mini version of priests' vestments for the little princes in our midst. The traditional mass vestments in white and gold feast day colors are designed for little boys to "play mass" and aspire to one of the beautiful callings in life. Email concierge@houseofroyals.com for availability.
  21. Rise Up Virtues Devotional for Kids - This compilation of over a dozen writers offers, for the first time, an in-depth, age-appropriate view of virtues as taught by Saint Thomas Aquinas in the Summa, for children ages 8-12. The reflections are accompanied by scripture verses, saint quotes, and heart-felt prayers designed to plant the seeds of a prayer life and guide it to blossom.
  22. "The First Embrace" Prayer Journal by Amen Modern - This beautifully illustrated prayer journal by fashion and textile designers Katy Momeni Repetto and Celeste Hanson has plenty of blank space for writing and also the prompts for helping kids dive deeper into their own thoughts before God. Amen Modern also creates children's artwork.
  23. Made for Greatness, A Growth Mindset Journal - This journal has garnered rave reviews from parents and grandparents working their way through this journal together with their children, equipping both for a future full of character and leadership.
  24. Father Leopold Celebrates Mass Legos - This hilarious and on point Lego kit is for kids wanting to play mass with Fr. Leopold right at home. The website includes introductions to who is this new Lego character and how to best use this Lego set. Any Lego set is destined to be a hit in a family collection, and among the superheroes and cities children are building, this kit makes faith just as integral a part of play as it is in real life.
  25. Wrapped in Stars & A Mother's Blush Swaddles by House of Royals - *Coming December* - These softest swaddles were designed to be gentle to children's skin, as blankies they can snuggle up in for many, many years. At night, we long for our children to have close protection from Our Lady, so we designed a way to have her mantle close. The patterns are replicas of Our Lady of Guadalupe's mantle and dress which show the night sky on the night she appeared to Saint Juan Diego in Mexico and the royal glyphs of the people of the time, respectively. Each comes boxed with an explanatory card and dedication card, and the words "I am a royal child of God". Please email for availability or to join the waitlist: concierge@houseofroyals.com.
  26. The Weight of a Mass & Take It To the Queen - Classic children's favorites by famed artist Josephine Nibisso capture the sheer majesty and power of grace held in the sacrament of the Eucharist and the helpfulness of Our Lady in meeting our every need. These books are dream gifts and have been awarded multiple times over the years.
  27. Little Saint Adventures App - Developed for hours of entertaining fun on virtues, this brand new app will keep your kids growing in their faith while they play during "screen time".
  28. Christmas Dresses - Your daughter will be a Christmas belle no matter what she wears, but in case you're still looking for a royal outfit, there's this Ida Dress by the always lovely Joyfolie and this stunning piece from Dolce & Gabbana's F/W collection. Both tend to sell out fast, so check soon if you're intersted.
  29. Sleeping Bag & Nap Mat by Restoration Hardware Baby & Child - Sleepover at Grandma's anyone? These adorable plushy sleeping bags and nap mats are perfect for rest time, and oh so portable.
  30. Ready to See the King and Serviam! by Meant to Fly Studio - How sweet are these books by Mary Delgado, who, as an avid reader herself and a young mom spending hours of quality time with her baby, finally grasped what types of books she wanted her own child to read. A conversation with God ensues in the heart and mind of a young girl preparing to meet her King...and a visual introduction to the mass for altar servers are some of the books she has written.
  31. Saint George Slays the Dragon by Albl Oberammagau - Albl Oberammagau customizes sacred art for holy spaces around the world, but they also take commissions and sell some of their beautiful work. This exquisite St. George statue would be an heirloom to hand on from generation to generation, just like the Albl family, who have been carving wooden masterpieces since 1556.
  32. Monique Lhuillier X PBK Crown Cornice and Canopy - This sweet bedding will envelope little royals each night.
  33. Wooden Workbench by Crate & Barrel - This kids workbench could be styled as "St. Joseph's Workbench" and will guarantee hours of play.
  34. Christmas Jammies by Burts Bees Baby - This year's Christmas pajamas can be soft and organic, with these Burts Bees Baby Christmas styles. We've found that Burts Bees can run small and shrink in the wash, so size up slightly when ordering. They're serving up so many adorable styles and they have family pjs too.
  35. Wood Castle Blocks by FAO Shwarz - The most wonderful toy store on earth has made a comeback over the last year and this Christmas, it's no exception. Every little royal needs a set of castle blocks. These blocks were the most used toy at Grandma's house, and she kept them in a little drawstring bag, ready to play at a moment's notice. It can be useful to buy several sets, for as children get older, they enjoy more elaborate designs. These blocks are ideal for creativity and the perfect "use right away" gift on Christmas morning.


We hope this gift guide is helpful as you cross each gift off your list. Updated gift guides for the whole family are here! For Young Women, For Young Men, For Men and For Women.

And if you haven't, join our email list below for ongoing updates.

Happy Advent & a Merry Christmas, hopefully surrounded by Grace,


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