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March 24, 2021 2 min read

Do you have a child in need of knowing his or her worth, or in need of love? So do we. Are you that child? So are we. In this series, mothers (and at times fathers, relatives, friends and loved ones) from our Royals community open their hearts to all of us, sharing what they wish their loved one could know about him or her self, if only he or she could hear it... The notes are anonymous, but from real persons, and so we sign them Anne, but when you see that name, know there is a mother, a father, a sister, a friend behind every word, and they hope in royalty.

Dear Daughter,

When I knew you existed, a desire to will the good for you filled my being waking the call to motherhood. This desire moved my soul seeking the true, good and beautiful for You. I couldn’t see, hear or touch you in that first moment; yet, I knew you were Love. Know in your heart that you and the Love you reveal are the sweetest of blessings for all who surround you and we are better because of your presence. I love you, and I thank God for the gift of You.




Dearest from, Mom.
Say it with words...or say it with a gift.
Click any of the sentences below for links to some things she may love:

Wrap her in Mama Mary's mantle for when your arms are not present.

Adorn her with jewels that speak to her of identity.

Bless her day and night.

Envelope her in luxury so she knows her worth...and has a Sacred Heart to remind her of how loved she is.

Love them always and pray ardently for their happiness.

Love always,


P.S. What would you like to say to your loved one? Do you have a story to share? House of Royals would love to feature you. Contact us via the Concierge page or CLICK HERE!

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