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March 11, 2021 4 min read

Living the grace-filled life: 5 Things Royals are loving right now.


Still in pursuit of that sense of "First Love"

After the initial stay at home order shifted into a longterm reality of life, we began to search for understanding to help us draw something positive from what we're living through, trying to make the best it. We landed on "first love": the opportunity to go back to what really matters to us - family, faith, friends - and reset, rediscover our original values, and reprioritize. 
We think this whole thing, and this season particularly, can be an opportunity to go back to "first love". We love because we are loved first by the King. Also, we feel the call to take the initiative to love first. First love. Love first.So much nuance here in the play on words, and we mean it all. We write more about it on our home page (CLICK HERE) and we have created a mini capsule (CLICK HERE OR BELOW) with more collections to come around this identity truth.
Here's an inspiring music video on the theme of first love to get your heart moving.


We're Excited to Wear Purple & Violet

Last week, our Royals instagram community weighed in on shades of purple we adopt during seasons leading up to Christmas and Easter. We loved the insight by one commenter below. Do you incorporate these colors into your spring, Lent and Easter wardrobe and home?



Spring Fashion Shows

Beautiful? Yes. Truly royal? No. This collection by creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri is inspired by Monsieur Dior's affinity for clairvoyants and Maria's experience of tarot cards, which at face value seem to be a fantasy game, but beneath the surface, belie a fateful connection to demonic influence. 

There is never a shortage of beauty inspo in fashion weeks and the runway shows, if you know where to look. However, high fashion continues to search after the existential and settle for a counterfeit version of royalty. Case in point: Dior (pictured above). Everything either adds to or takes away from the human spirit, and while we see such beauty there, it's in honor of a non-prince and not the King...  We found ourselves lost in the beauty and messaging on these pieces, because it all looks so eerily familiar... What they are trying to land on is a true mysticism in the King of Kings.

 There is a power older than the Visconti-Sforza tarot collection, and it is our challenge to not fall for the duplicate, but to seek out the true original.


Alternatively, for all things fashion and personal style, try out the all new Worthy of Wearing revolution happening over on instagram, or purchase the WOW book. More to come on this later, but for now, go check it out. 


The Desert

“I wanted to focus on the essence of things. I think it’s a sign of the times. But I didn’t want anything bleak or heavy. The desert, to me, symbolizes that yearning for serenity, open space, a slower rhythm. The clothes are also softer, the spirit of the collection is more gentle, stripped back.”

- Anthony Vaccarello

Creative Director at Saint Laurent, Mr. Vaccarello took himself into a place of solace when designing his line for the fashion house this Spring. Even fashion's names are sensing what we Royals know... We’re all in need of grounding right now. Keep creating inner and outer havens where your soul can rest. Journaling in silence or to moving music is a practice that brings clarity amid the inner voices that compete for the truth you believe about yourself. Royal identity is grown in the knowing...so journal your way to knowing. Ambiance can help, so, have you seen The Lent Edit? Try out something from this curated collection of Royals’ favorite pieces for infusing grace into the spring season. Candles, blankets, holy objects, sacred art and more... Or, consider gifting to someone in need of peace...meaningful, blessed gifts are the gifts that last.



House of Royals launched CROWNED!

CROWNED x ROYALS has been a long time in the making! We have longed to bring you a steady stream of priceless content... This monthly themed newsletter that coordinates content with our CROWNED blog and socials, drawing out the best of advice from our community. Series include The Grace List; the quarterly Royals Classics & Trends Report for home and fashion; Ask Anne & Always, Anne beautiful messages and tough questions answered by women and men in our own Royals community; the First Love Moment to ponder as you go about your month; Provenance - origin stories behind the products; styling tips; and so much more! 

Do you receive our emails? Sign up for all the VIP access, our monthly newsletter, provenance of the products and special offers! Subscribers receive an immediately 10% off welcome gift.

As always, we remain devoted to your royalty and surrounding you and those you love in Grace,




The mission of Royals is to surround you and those you love in sacred beauty, sacramental experiences and treasures of faith that reflect each person's royal dignity and dispose hearts to grace, because the soul is forever.

To learn more about our mission, click here.

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