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March 11, 2020 3 min read

This post has been updated from its original posting, as it was written before the Safer at Home and quarantine orders. Know that our hearts and prayers are with all those who are affected by the Covid-19. We are also united with you in quarantine, social distancing out of charity, and in our longing for the liturgies and sacraments that are closed to us right now. We present this Easter Blessing as an opportunity for you to pray together as a family or alone, around the table, on Easter morning, bringing a bit of Easter liturgy into your own home sanctuary. Jesus is still coming to us this Easter! The Resurrection will still happen, and He is on His way! Dear Royals... We know the upcoming weeks will be full... family, friends, faith, food... and most of all, gratitude for all the Easter blessings we've been given. Gratitude for our Lord and Savior who gives His life in his passion, death and then triumphantly rises on Easter morn!

Let's Rejoice Together!

We created this simple downloadable Easter Blessing from House of Royalsto help make your planning easier, and so you can just print a magnificently celebratory blessing to pray around the Easter table. All you have to do is click the photo download, or this link right here to reach the download.

Maybe the Most Majestic Song Ever Written?

What and why the Easter Exsultet? Oh my...wait until you read the majestic, poetic words that flow from the heart of the entirety of creation's excitement over the victorious return of its Creator, welcoming His majesty with holy light of a pure Easter candle enkindled by the fire of love...and a real life Easter fire. The Easter Exsultet is one epic song to the ancient moment of grace that is our redemption, brought into the now with vigor at the Easter vigil (the celebration on Easter's eve). Churches all over the world are dark and empty, heavy with the weight of their God's death on the cross only a day before. This year, the churches are dark and empty with a new darkness and emptiness...they're empty even of ourselves. Closed by a virus affecting the whole world. Normally... Little by little, quiet souls would flood the cavernous space, each receiving a small taper to hold. As the ceremony begins, a priest lights a great roaring bowl of fire at the entrance of the church, and praying ancient prayers, lights a large pillar candle called the Paschal Candle, from its fire. From that one enormous beeswax candle, assisting acolytes would begin lighting their own candles and pass on the flame from candle to candle, from wick to wick, from Christian to Christian, until all the candles in the church are lit, a magnificent display of light, illuminating the darkness with glorious light. At that point, the Easter Exsultet, the proclamation of Resurrection light, is sung!


Candles illuminate the whole church with their holy light, representing our prayers sent to the Light of the World, and that, Alleluia! He is Risen!

A Time for Tears to Be Washed Away in Holy Light...

There are no more tears at Easter, no more is time for praise and celebration. If your heart is still aching, there is room for you here, even from the sanctuary of your home this year, where you can lay down your cross and at least for a moment, let the holy light of Jesus' love flood your heart. (The Exsultet is a long poem, so we have offered both short form to begin and a long form for those able to pray the whole thing together.) This year there may be no "hosting"...and whether you are feasting with great abundance or if Easter is a simple raising of your heart to God this year, the main point of this feast is Resurrection JOY! Beyond the tablescape, the egg decorating and basket hunt, or the chocolate bunnies...or even the calm or contentious interactions with cooped up family. The heart of Easter is that we are completely made new in beauty and forgiveness, and re-destined for paradise with the Divine Light himself. 

Join us in proclaiming VICTORY this Easter! Download this Blessing Now!

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