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March 10, 2020 4 min read

This post has been updated from its original posting. Due to international Safer at Home and quarantine orders, many florists are closed. However, as essential services, grocers are still open. If you are visiting your grocer and need some cheer, consider adding one of these Easter florals to your cart. Online floral companies are also still shipping. Please know this was written before quarantine orders and follow all local guidelines.

All of us need a little sacred beauty in our lives, that will surround us in grace...little everyday treasures that will pull us together around a conversation starter or even just strike inspiration in our own souls.

Here we've collected 7 seasonal flora that have supernatural symbolism...if you have the Lux Sancta Alabaster Candle, use a glass as a vase and gaze upon the Sacred Heart too.

At the end, we include delicious meal inspo and a song that will breathe life into a weary soul.


The narcissus/daffodil, or Lenten Lily, has a dual symbolism, with its name rooted in ancient tragedy of the beautiful vain mythological youth, Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection in a river, and drowned attempting to embrace it, as a reflection on the vanity of this earth and a reminder of death throughout the season of Lent, while its seasonal timeliness and cheery crown of color is a witness to the Resurrected glory of our Lord!

They're currently $1/bunch at Trader Joe's and will get you ready for Spring, keep your heart hopeful throughout Lent and prepare your home for Easter!


With Saint Patrick's Day just days away, the quintessential Irish shamrock is blooming in stores, and hopefully homes everywhere. Each 3-leafed clover reminds us of the three persons of the Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and also brings us back to Saint Patrick's heroic feats, and honestly, one of Christianity's most exquisite prayers ever written, that of Saint Patrick's Breastplate. Even better, these plants last forever. Scoop up a shamrock and everytime you look at it, remember its truest heritage!


Is there anything more innocent and pure than the sight and scent of spring lilies to remind us of hope and new life of the Resurrection? Now is the perfect time to begin surrounding our homes with these treasures! Daylilies are out already, and Easter Lilies will not be far behind. Although it may feel premature to bring in these celebratory and sacred florals before the Easter Resurrection, hopefully noting them will be a sweet reminder of all the beauty to come. Also of note: Easter Lilies can be planted afterward and the will survive from year to year in a garden.

Pussy Willows

A sure sign of spring is the pussy willow, often used in place of palms on palm Sunday in Northern Europe, where in ancient times, palms were hard to come by... The orthodox consider the pussy willow equally as sacred as the palm, and bishops bless them in their stead. Now a symbol for the surprising new life that grows from such a simple branch. Picture these neutral, textural branches stretching heavenward in a minimalist vase, with its atypical bloom gracing a shelf or tabletop. Also, PSA: children love pussy willows. They are utterly enchanted by the soft buds. Well, we all love them too, honestly. What a unique miracle of horticulture they are.


Ahhhhhh...have you experienced the sweet perfume of a hyacinth? The characteristic Persenche blue hue and the exquisite accompanying aroma solidify it as a symbol for desire for heaven, prudence and constancy in life. This Spring, we hope you capture a special corner in your home for this incredibly aromatic flower!

Basil & Rosemary

Less symbolic and more delectable, these two herbs are ideal for a sweet and savory, as well as nutritious additive to Lenten meals. Test out these "bitter herbs" on your Lenten meals.


We love these luscious yellow Lenten and Easter branches for a minimalist and organic centerpiece. After the long chill of winter, the bright early blooms are a welcome sign of Spring. Also known as the Easter Bush.


This traditional Lenten meal that makes you feel like you are in Israel for Holy Week!

Try it!

Three Layer Hummus & Tzatziki

Naan Bread

Persian Cucumbers

Tabouli or Couscous

Dolmas (Stuffed Grape Leaves, Canned)


Feta Cheese



Secret Find to Fight Flu

Photo courtesy of TraderJoes.com

Add this with a stock up on toilet paper, hand sanitizer and turmeric or ginger shots to your flu fighting essentials this week. Invest in a few boxes of the immunity boosting and virus blasting Boiron Oscillococcinum and even some Boiron Coldcalm. You can take up to three of the oscillococcinum a day. Morning, noon and night. It might not prevent you from getting sick, but it mitigates the sickness. Priced at $9.99, this treasure will help fend off the further consequences of inevitable colds and viruses we are encountering this season. You can also add some Organic Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea...or Chicken Soup! Delish and healing. Lastly, a sodium ascorbate protocol (the powder form of vitamin C), has proven to be a supplmental treatment to the current virus.


Lastly, check out this video for a beautiful iteration of the Saint Patrick's Breastplate...

PS - Pulling together your Easter tablescape and special gifts for those you love, especially without access to liturgies and mass? Click the link below to visit our curated collection:

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