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March 09, 2020 4 min read

The one who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” Then he said, “Write these words down, for they are trustworthy and true.” Revelations 21:5

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We are right to hope.

He will make all things new, even if, for many of us, this can feel like we are out of control, finding ourselves suddenly in the worst, the loneliest, the sickest, or even just strangest, Lent of our lives. If we look inside ourselves and somewhere deep inside we feel like we ought to be able to do something more... and we don't... or we can't... This Lent is the Lent of a completely different set of sacrifices. It's all been laid out for us.


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Stay at home.Try to concentrate on work from your kitchen your spouse is also trying to do the same thing.All while "distance learning" (a fancy name for homeschooling your kids).Cancel spring break plans.Stay away from family members and friends. But don't get too isolated...keep yourself busy. Maybe try to take on all the DIY projects you've been putting off. Maybe bake?Protect yourself and those you love who are immunocompromised.Meanwhile, try not to worry about elderly parents, while finding a way to care for them.But, don't worry, grocery stores are still open... is not. Very quickly find yourself asking, how will I make my mortgage or rent payment this month? I've been furloughed from my job because it was "non-essential". (It makes me feel "non-essential".) Or, how can I possibly lay off nearly my entire employee base in this time of such dire need...but I can't make payroll? If I take a handout to get me through, what will our economy look like in a few months from now? We can write about it, because, Royals, we are you. We're all in this together, and we have all the same thoughts and concerns.

See, I Am Making All Things New

The Father sees. He beckons with His hands and His heart and His eyes gazing into ours to come close to Him, to be embraced by Him, to know that nothing else matters. He wants to renew us. He wants to renew all the parts within us. God wants to renew us even if we can't come to Him in churches. He will come directly to us and provide for us...this is the promise of Grace. Walk with Jesus...He is suffering...He is the one place to find consolation in all of this. He promises to come to us in a new way, because the usual way has been disrupted. I am essential, to God. Today, recall His promise to make all things new..all hearts, all desires, all deep crevices, all addictions, all diseases, all jobs, all relationships, alleconomies...


Can you bring your nothingness to be made new? Can you bring the little you have to Him to surrender it, that He can raise it in the Resurrection?


Looking to surround yourself in blessings and love this Lent, to help create silence, peace and community? We've curated a special collection of a few special resources for your Lent and Easter living.



See, I Am Making All Things New, the Song

A few years ago, inspired in prayer and many months of contemplation on Jesus' passion, both the real and as portrayed in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, the founder of House of Royals wrote and recorded the song, All Things New... May the following song inspire you this Lent and Easter to know the love that the King has for you, Royal.


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The video was not produced and is not affiliated with House of Royals, although the song is our own. All Things New can also be found on Spotify and iTunes.

No man can bear what you're trying to bear

It's impossible

No one, never

Where is your Father?

Where are those you love?

You're all alone


Why is this night not like any other night?

Where is my son?

The slave is freed from the shackles of sin

At last it has begun



Many surround me


They seek my life

Oh, Abba

Please take this cup

Not my will but thine be done


See, I am making all things new

Heart of my heart, let me die with you

Father, my heart is ready

I am your servant, I am/the son of your handmaid


All things new Lyrics Courtesy of Christina Yep

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