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January 25, 2021 6 min read

Photo above via @chrislovesjulia

Winters in California don’t always push us inside like the snow and cold temperatures do in the Northeast. However, this year we are all spending more time than usual indoors. Our entire lives are centered around socializing, working, and doing almost everything inside the walls of our home. 

It seems that everyone is doing home projects and fixing things they had always ignored. We’ve leaned into it too. Who doesn’t want to change at least something inside their home after staring at it day after day, or after trying to hold one too many Zoom calls from within earshot of each other, in the same room at the same time (even if we're trying to work with "zones").

Before you go and change everything yourself, we want to challenge you to consider a new approach to your home. At House of Royals we are centered on intentional living, and we believe life should be beautiful and full of grace. Did you know pool installations have booked up 2 years out at this point?

You deserve to create a home that becomes your sanctuary—the place you feel most welcomed, at peace, full of grace, and surrounded by beauty. This can be your reality! You - yes, you - can create your very own home sanctuarywithin the walls of the house you currently occupy. 

In one of her Vogue  moments, interior designer Kathryn Ireland encourages us to, “Be bold and decorate with conviction.”

This is our approach to designing your home sanctuary. 

If you gravitate towards meaningful art and items in your life that prompt your spirit toward intentional living regardless of personal style, then you will love sacramentals that activate a true, holy version of the home you've been longing for. 


Trends to Know When Creating Your Home Sanctuary


             1. Livable Luxury 


As we spend more time at home, our living spaces must serve a variety of functions, without sacrificing beauty and style. 


In our opinion, livable luxury is a trend that should never go out of style, because who wants to sit on an uncomfortable couch anyways? In the new year expect to see more durable fabrics and comfortable seating options available for living room and dining room spaces. 


Unsure of what fabric to go with? Bouclé is always the answer. Kidding, but truly who could resist such a soft, gorgeous fabric? (And bouclé was invented by Coco Chanel herself.) The GOOP x CB2 Gwyneth bouclé chair and love seat have always been our favorite. 



(via @tinnekierhome above and @jennasuedesign below)




(via @chrislovesjulia above)


Feel the freedom to live awash in luminous neutrals, or, alternatively, give engaging colors a try...

Our home sanctuary should reflect our hearts and passions. If you love white, stick with cream walls and white cabinets. If you’re itching to breathe more life into your home, be bold with color and choose something warm and inviting. 


Designer Timothy Corrigan shared, “Crisp, clear colors are continuing to grow in popularity with yellows, light blues/turquoises, and greens being used to brighten up spaces and put a smile on your face during these challenging times.”

Pantone color authorities corroborate the feeling, forecasting a bright, hopeful yellow alongside a clement grey this year as their top trends in fashion and decor.



Our friend Anna Liesemeyer from In Honor of Design is straying from the everyday beige and is playing with greens in her kitchen. You can learn from all her advice on choosing colors here



Color can also be used to add excitement to versatile spaces in your home. Your guest room – now transformed into your home office and play space – can be the perfect place to try something new and bold.


(via @chrislovesjulia above and @madamandrews below)



2021 is the year of no wasted space. Rooms are no longer just designed to look pretty. Functionality in your home sanctuary is equally as important. 


             2. Natural Textures 


The last year taught each of us that we must live in the present moment. We never know when things will change, and we must appreciate what we have. 


Crafting a home sanctuary requires intention. Select pieces that hold significant meaning or contribute to the desired energy of your home. 


2021 is the year of handcrafted pieces, focused on the artist and their craft. These pieces are often created by natural textures that allow us to embrace simplicity and the beauty of nature. 


Wood and Brass



(via @lisacanning for House of Royals above and @studiodearborn below)





(via @houseofroyalsco above with our much loved Lux Sancta candle and Horchow below)




Merino Wool & Cashmere



(via @houseofroyalsco above and @graflantz below)



The textures in your home sanctuary allow you to not only see but feel and experience what you are desiring to achieve in your space and life. Everything you touch should be worthy of Royalty. 


             3. Sustainability


Robert McKinley of Studio McKinley shared with Vogue, “Sustainability is a consideration in design that will remain important—2020 slowed us down and made us take stock of our consumption. Sustainable, durable brands will continue to grow in prominence, especially in the home space.” 


From our beginning, the mission of House of Royals has been to surround you and the ones you love with royalty, beauty, and grace. We are able to do so because of talented craftsmen who share their gifts with us. 



Each of the collaborations at House of Royals aim to elevate your life, while supporting the mission and livelihood of the creator. 


As consumers we are no longer just picking up the first thing that catches our eye. It is important that we know and trust the provider before we are willing to make a purchase. Learn more about House of Royal’s mission and role in practicing sustainability here. 


3 Tips to Get Your Home Sanctuary Started (and Not Get Totally Overwhelmed) 


So to summarize... Test out livable luxury...nothing too precious but also don't give up on going with something extra beautiful because you're worried you'll ruin it...it's time to live inside the dreams we've been saving for later. Weave in some natural stones and textiles to soften and warm up your space, while also giving yourself permission to be at peace in neutrals, or try out more color in this new season. Lastly, consider sourcing locally and meaningfully by practicing more sustainability. But, all this can seem very overwhelming! How to get started?


     1. Begin with one room.


Where do you spend most of your time? Begin with the space that you and your family enjoy most often, and then consider how you want this room to make you feel. Once you set your intention and cast your vision for how you are going to build your home sanctuary beginning with this one room, then you are able to begin. 


     2. Choose one piece of artwork you really love. (Remove one you don't.)


Artwork is one of the most important pieces of a room. Choose a piece of art that fits your space well, and communicate your decided upon intention. It is always helpful to have one focal piece in the room that you can design everything else around. This may be a piece of artwork or it may be a furniture piece. 


     3. Invest in furniture pieces that are timeless and versatile.


Furnishings are a big investment and can take up the majority of your budget for a room. Follow our guides above and choose pieces that are comfortable and accommodating to the people who will live in your space. Consider which pieces you will use most often, and spend more on them. You can always change the feel of a room by changing out pillows, rugs, curtains, throws, accessories, etc. (And we have a few of those you can SHOP HERE.)


Have you already begun to create your home sanctuary? We would love to see! Tag us on Instagram @houseofroyals for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page or on our monthly trend report. Also, if you'd like to nominate someone - a friend or yourself - to be featured in our monthly trend report, drop a link or name in the comments below, or email concierge@houseofroyals.com.


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