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January 12, 2021 4 min read

We’re at a crossroads. 2020 is over and 2021 is an opportunity to proactively design together a future of love, beauty, and grace worthy of our royalty. We are choosing the path that will lead us back to the people we love, the experiences and things we love, and those who love us.

Royals, the reality is that nothing will change in the new year if we don’t first change the position of our hearts. The world continues to move around us, and nothing is ever certain, but we get to claim what we want for the new year, and we want to encourage you to claimCOURAGE

The Christmas season brought us the blessings of grace, hope, peace, and love, and now it is our choice to accept these blessings, and not only manifest them for the Christmas season, but carry them into the new year. 

It is going to require COURAGE to live out these blessings, and we want to provide you with inspiration and reminders that you are brave, and you are capable of manifesting the blessings of grace, peace, hope and love.

COURAGE requires intention. 


If you haven’t made the time to cast vision for the new year, you are not too late. January offers an opportunity to set your intention for the year, and make resolution to the way you want to make use of the blessings you’ve been bestowed.

Consider asking yourself these questions:

What are you grateful for? 

Who do you want to become? 

How do you want to live your life? 

The last year was met with disappointment, hardship and loss, but this is the reality of our earthly lives. Our lives are a journey, one with an eternal finish line. If last year did not measure up to your expectations, acknowledge your feelings and then face them with perseverance. COURAGE is strength in the face of pain or grief, and when we are intentional with how we want to continue our journey, we are able to maintain hope and proceed forward in faith. 

COURAGE allows for new habits. 

After moments of failure, the most important thing we can do is recognize our faults, and then determine actionable ways we can mend our wrongs and move forward with a new spirit. Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” If we want to see a difference in ourselves and the world in the new year, then we must not be complacent, but approach difficult and uncomfortable change with COURAGE.

We are foolish to believe that we won’t fail again, but we’re even more foolish to believe that the blessings we have been given aren’t sufficient for beautiful transformation. The beginning of the new year stirs in us a desire to make a change, but lasting change comes when we form habits that align with who we want to become and how we want to live. 

COURAGE is required when forming new habits, but it often isn’t easy. Change requires discipline, perseverance and the ability to recognize that there is a reason for why we are working towards an end goal. 

Consider asking yourself these questions:

What obstacles am I facing as I begin to form new habits? 

Do I have physical reminders of my goals and desired way of living? 

What is the first necessary step in getting closer to my goal? 

As mortal beings, we desire physical reminders of who we are and what it is that we are to become. House of Royals was created to remind you of your Royal identity, and surround you in grace through luxurious daily living. These physical reminders of love and COURAGE help us stand back up when we fall,  reminding us of our many blessings. House of Royals also strives to bring inspiration and beauty into your inboxes each week. If you haven’t yet signed up for our emails, you can do soHERE.

COURAGE manifests hope. 

If you feel like this past year is as bad as it gets, keep speaking, thinking, and manifesting hope. When we choose COURAGE, we are choosing to believe that despite our disappointments and fears, hope will be victorious.

Blessings are abundant, and offered to each of us if we open our hearts to them. So often we forget our strength, and the many ways we have triumphed in the past. In order to preserve hope for the future, we must have the courage to acknowledge when we have been victorious, and who the Divine claims us to be.

Consider repeating these phrases aloud:







As Royals, we believe that we possess each of these things. We are each worthy of an intentional, beautiful, grace-filled everyday life. We exist to love and be loved in relation with another, not only self, while not losing self in the process, but rather experiencing our own royally dignified souls flourish. When we choose COURAGE, we are able to see these things for what they are, and call them good. We are able to call ourselves good. 

We invite you to pause. To consider this year not as a 365 day race, but as a piece of the journey that is life. We are never guaranteed another day, yet we greet each new morning with gratitude and joy that we have yet another opportunity to live out our Royalty as we were designed to. 

Share with us on Instagram how you are choosing and manifesting COURAGE this year. Tag @houseofroyalsco and follow us for inspirations of grace and COURAGE.

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