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December 26, 2020 3 min read

As we move into the new year, what will be your inspiration to seek out blessings in your life beyond the holiday season?

On behalf of the entire House of Royals family, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! 

These past four weeks, we have shared four different gift guides encouraging gifting the blessings of grace, hope, peace, and love. We have demonstrated to you how to carry each blessing out in preparation for the Christmas season, but what about now? How are you to carry these blessings throughout the Christmas season and into the new year? 

For some, it may seem as though the Christmas season begins early in November and ends promptly on the 25th. However, we know that liturgically, this is not the case. We rejoice in the many blessings of Christmas on December 25th and continue the celebration for 12 days after Jesus’ birth. We want to share with you how you can keep these blessings present through the remainder of 2020 and beyond, so you can surround yourself in grace for the new year. 

Remember,grace is presence. It is the Divine’s presence in us, drawing us to be present to ourselves and those around us. The most important thing to know about grace is that it is free and undeserved. We are freely given the blessing of grace and asked to share it in return. During this Christmas season, we are encouraged to surround ourselves with the many graceful blessings of the season. We can share this free and undeserved gift, along with the House of Royals Pack of Blessings, with family members to create a sanctifying atmosphere among the ones we love the most. 

Hope is a choice: it is a self-imposed discipline to trust God during the time of waiting. This is a form of self mastery and self growth, brought into light by the Divine’s grace. Continue to challenge yourself every day to trust God during these last few days of 2020. This year has been nothing short of an unexpected challenge, but hope in the Divine’s prophecy will only illuminate and magnify His blessings for the new year. 

Peace is the serenity we feel when we are freed from conflict.We find peace in a state of tranquility, fully experienced when our lives are well-ordered. Peace allows us to feel whole, and during this holiday season, that is just the blessing with which the Christ Child blesses us. Focus on the good from this past year and dwell on the many blessings that have emerged during each month. Allow your mind to prioritize good thoughts and daily blessings, and continue to manifest this mindset as we head into the new year. You can keep a tranquil blessing on display in your home with a House of Royals Holy Water Font

Love by its very nature is a gift of self. It isthe virtue of virtues, the calling for us to love our neighbors as ourselves for the very love of the Divine Himself. It is the full, authentic giving of ourselves so that we may receive the Divine’s mercy and abundant blessings in return. Focus your heart and mind on how you can love yourself and the ones who mean the most to you as we transition into 2021. 

House of Royals will continue to be your source of inspiration to seek out blessings in your daily life, even beyond the holiday season. We encourage you to rejoice in the blessings that the Christ Child has brought by His birth, and continue to surround yourself in grace. 

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