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October 07, 2020 2 min read

My dearest daughter, 

I know the holidays are coming quickly and soon you’ll be coming home to visit, but I wanted to send this gift to remind you of my love. Remember when I used to leave little notes in your lunch box as you ran out the door in grade school? Consider this the grown-up version of that. 

Dearest, the love a mother has for her daughter is unlike anything else in this world. You are my greatest gift, the source of my joy, and an example to me and all you meet. When you were born I understood love in a deeper way. My whole perspective of the world changed every time I got to watch you learn and grow.

I’m sorry if I haven’t said it enough, but I am so proud of the woman you’ve become and the way you care for others. 

You look at every person in the same way I look at you — with compassion, understanding, and a gentle yet powerful sense of affirmation. You fight tirelessly for every human person, and that stubbornness you’ve had since you were a young girl has become one of your greatest strengths.  

I humbly ask that you have grace with me as we navigate our relationship and how best to love one another. 

You are a Royal daughter of the King, and I hope you never forget whose you are and how infinitely loved and cared for you are. You wear so many different hats, and eloquently balance them all, but I hope that you never forget that your identity is in Love Himself. 

When I found this candle, I knew the simple yet luxurious packaging would catch your eye. I opened it and lit it as I prayed for you this afternoon. I am now sending it to you so that it can be a constant reminder of your worthiness. Light it when you meditate or when you’re working, but please promise to think of me when you do.

I love you and am so grateful that you are mine!

Sending my love,






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