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November 23, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

This week we begin with the blessing of Grace by answering the question, how do we find peace in and through grace? 

Grace is presence. It is the Divine’s presence in us, drawing us to be present to ourselves and those around us. The most important thing to know about grace is that it is free and undeserved. We are freely given the blessing of grace and asked to share it in return. 

In a world so cluttered with arguments and unnecessary noise, it’s not often that we are aware of the grace we have been given. It’s not often that we slow down long enough to focus on ourselves and consider how we are responding to the world around us. 

Accept the grace you have been given and pause with it a moment. Slow down your daily routine, be more intentional with the motions of your everyday life, and allow yourself to feel the presence of the Divine. 

Grace was first poured out by Love Himself in order to restore what was lost at a time when humans chose self over God and each other. Grace reorients the person toward all that is good, true, and beautiful in this life as well as the transcendent hope of the next. 


Grace makes us royal again. 


The blessing of grace allows us to center ourselves in a serene and focused way, finding peace amidst uncertainty and fear. Even though it is so undeserved, we are still given the joyous opportunity to receive this blessing and share it in return. 




Blessings Holiday Gift Guide: Grace

  1. House of Royals Prayer Candle and RefillsFor the early morning prayer times or whispers in twilight shadows, the Lux Sancta Alabaster Votive is where you can offer up the most heartfelt intentions and meditate on the grace that has been given to you. 
  2. House of Royals Sacred Heart Cashmere Shawl: From the rugged Mongolian countryside to your heart and home, stay wrapped in warmth and grace in the luxe, soft, lightweight cashmere Sacred Heart shawl. 
  3. House of Royals Beauty Lies Within You Tote: Carry a reminder of the grace you have been given and the beauty you possess with our all leather totes. The minimalist exterior comes in black, cognac, and tan and is adorned with a detachable raw silk ribbon encrusted with a Swarovski crystal cross. The inside is laser engraved with the words “Beauty Lies Within You” as a reminder to the carrier of her inner beauty. 
  4. House of Royals Pack of Blessings with Royals Stainless Steel Card Holder: It can be helpful to use official blessings of the Catholic Church when blessing those you love because there are special, particular graces that come through formulas that are designed purposefully to achieve the desired result. These 10 blessings put into words the sweet prayers you want to pray over those you care about. 
  5. House of Royals Little Lux Crown Prayer Candle: This NEW votive is clear glass accessorized with a Royals Sacred Heart holy medal in your choice of gold or silver. Each votive comes with a 100% pure beeswax tea light. Its size is perfect for simple holy moments of devotion and even for younger Royals as a gift, as their very own prayer candle. Collect multiple to display together.
  6. Word on Fire Bible: The Gospels - By surrounding the biblical text with commentary and explanations from Bishop Robert Barron, the Church Fathers, and many of the greatest saints, mystics, and scholars throughout Christian history, The Word on Fire Bible illuminates the biblical text in light of the great tradition. This is a beautiful way to dive deeper into the understanding of grace. 
  7. Lovely Lady Linens: Each of Therese’s curated collections bears a Marian name in tribute to the Blessed Mother. Her hope is that you find an item—be it a tablecloth or a pillow cover—that brings a sense of joy, peace, love, and beauty into the sacred walls of your home and helps radiate authentic femininity.
  8. Shutterfly Photo Puzzle: Memories are life’s greatest gifts, and Shutterfly Photo Puzzles allow you to relive your favorite memories while making new ones with your family and friends. 
  9. Be A Heart Decor: Erica’s artistic style is warm and welcomes grace into every home by telling a story that has heart and purpose. Whether you’re looking for a tapestry or beautifully designed print, Be A Heart offers something for everyone. 
  10. Ghirelli Magnificat Rosalet: This bracelet creates an inseparable union between Faith and Design and can be worn by both men and women. The Magnificat Rosalet is at once a beautiful rosary and piece of jewelry that revolutionizes the concept of an instrument of prayer.


Share with us how you are gifting the blessing of grace to the ones you love this holiday by tagging @houseofroyals on Instagram!

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Missy Kluesner
Missy Kluesner

December 01, 2020

I love Be a Heart decor and actually have the above print already! Beautiful gifts!

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