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November 30, 2020 4 min read 2 Comments


As we marvel in the blessings of grace brought to us from last week’s gift guide, we shift our focus to this week’s blessing: hope

Hope is a choice: it is a self-imposed discipline to trust God during this time of waiting. This is a form of self mastery and self growth, brought into light by the Divine’s grace. (If you’re looking to learn more about grace and haven’t read last week’s blog post, head there after you’re done reading here!)

It is often easy to lose sight of this self mastery due to the daily distractions causing us to lose sight of hope. But know that finding hope in your life during this holiday season is a gift to be cherished unlike any other. 

Although this year has presented many hardships and trials, we take comfort in our hope for the Divine’s saving grace gifted to us at the time of His birth. We are called to challenge ourselves to fully trust in Love’s beautiful and perfect plan for us. Hope ultimately brings us peace—peace within ourselves and peace that we marvel in within others. 

This season, refocus yourself on the peaceful and blessed connection that draws you to the Divine. Acknowledge the desire within yourself to master the choice to trust in the Divine’s plan, even when it seems so different from the one you set for yourself. Grace will bring into light Love’s true beauty, and hope will carry us faithfully through to Love’s birth. 

The hope that you hold in your heart will bring you closer to the ones you love most during this holiday season. This week, take comfort in the saving grace granted to you by the Divine. Hold this gift close to your hearts, and share the blessing of hope that has been promised to you through the Divine. 






Blessings Holiday Gift Guide: Hope

  1. House of Royals Prayer Blanket:  Whether near or far, your loved ones will feel comforted with our 100% pure merino wool prayer blanket. This blanket is a reminder to focus on the serenity the Divine offers us and our loved ones during this holiday season.
  2. Center Peace Works x Royals:  House of Royals has partnered with Center Peace Works to curate three distinct pieces for our art collection: a Face of Christ in brass on reclaimed California cedar wood cross frame or brass frame; a rosary chaplet with sword, shield, breastplate, helmet, and belt of virtues inspired by Ephesians 6 with accompanying brass Holy Spirit hanger; and a brass Triumph cross, unframed with a back hook or in a brass frame. These handcrafted pieces will remind all who enter the home of their royalty.
  3. House of Royals Cashmere Knit Hat with Sacred Heart Pin:  This 100% Mongolian King Fiber Cashmere hat will keep your young and old Royals warm throughout the season. The added detail of the Sacred Heart pin is a constant reminder of the wearer’s Royalty. 
  4. Subscription to the  Storyteller Co. app and bookAll Along You Were Blooming is the ultimate love letter from the pen of popular Instagram poet Morgan Harper Nichols to your mind, heart, soul, and body. The app offers longer reads and wallpaper art, word of the day, journal prompts, and affirmations from Morgan every single day. This is a wonderful gift for those who need to be reminded of the hope that has been promised to them. 
  5. Sponsor a Child or Family in Need:  It is through giving that we receive, and a beautiful way to give this year is to serve a family who is less fortunate by providing them hope and reminding them of their dignity. Our dear friends Anna and Gabe at In Honor of Design are using their platform to serve these families this here to help out or visit them over at @inhonorofdesign! You can inquire for donation opportunities from your local church or charity, or you can sponsor a child through a formal program such as Unbound. This is a great gift to give as a family, whether through time or money.
  6. Quality Family Time:  The holiday looks very different this year, and being able to spend time with family is at the top of all our lists. Enjoy quality family time by hosting or flying in your family for Christmas and quarantining together. Or, safely travel as a family to an AirBnB. Costco is offering a membership for $18,000 to utilize private air travel, which could be convenient for larger groups throughout the year in a time of Covid. (Note: this does not include the plane tickets but does include a concierge and a voucher toward them.) 
  7. The Woman School or a general Masterclass Subscription:  What woman doesn't want you to invest in her self-care at the level of a program called The Woman School? The Woman School is all the mode right now and just in time. There is a crisis of self-worth among women of all ages, and we feel so depleted...January Donovan and her team of experts in various fields from psychology to fashion, are on a mission to help women restore wholeness to themselves and their lives. Take their Masterclass, especially going into the new year! What an incredible way to start out. For the person who has everything, give the opportunity to learn a new skill instead of accumulating more things. We even recommend taking a class with your partner or friend for a shared experience of growth.
  8. Apple Music Subscription with Personalized Playlists:  Turn a simple gift into something extremely personalized and thoughtful. Purchase a subscription and share a playlist with songs of the season and melodies of true hope and peace that remind you of your loved one. 


Share with us how you are gifting the blessing of hope to the ones you love this holiday by tagging @houseofroyals on Instagram!

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December 01, 2020

That’s amazing, Jessica! Thank you for sharing… You can message us suggestions for next time! Seriously!

Jessica Bermudez
Jessica Bermudez

December 01, 2020

So many incredible gift ideas! Some of which I already own! So many I’d love to give!

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