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September 16, 2020 3 min read

The sweet smell of pumpkin is already filling my home, and although temperatures haven’t dropped quite yet in sunny CA, I’ve begun to pull out all the cozy blankets and dream of how I want to decorate for this new season. 

There’s something so refreshing about the change of season. It offers a new start, a reset button, that challenges us to slow down and reevaluate what we want to prioritize and how to live more intentionally in the coming months. 

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it is a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively, allowing me to pause after the excitement of summer before the rush of the holiday season. As I strive to live a life of intentionality, I’ve come to realize that this first begins in my home. Just as I change up my routine with the turn of a new season, I find that changing my home decor also allows me to start fresh. It’s an opportunity to be creative and express what my heart is experiencing through the pillows on my couches and the art on my walls. 

I’ve never been one to love the cheesy fall signs or overly ornate pumpkins, but I find that bringing in warm colors and cozy fabrics for the fall opens my heart to the beauty of the season and allows me to be present in time. 

I desire a similar experience for you and want to encourage you to incorporate new pieces for your home this fall. I’ve put together a list of this season’s top home decor trends that I’m loving, in hopes that it will inspire you to spice up your living space and make it one of sacred beauty and luxurious living. 



Incorporating colors from nature invites the outdoors into your home and warms up the space. Choose from rich tones of chocolate brown, wine, olive green, yellow ochre, or burnt orange to enhance your living space. If you’re more of a neutral lover, experiment with these warm colors on a smaller scale by adding pillows, throws, or art to add a pop of color to your space. And if you’re feeling bold, go all out with an earth-toned couch or accent wall! 






New decor doesn’t have to break the bank. Gather those old vases from your grandmother and use them to decorate your home. If you don’t have any to pull from around your house, enjoy the adventure of thrifting and find pieces that are unique and match your personal style. Orange and yellow glassware, for instance, will blend perfectly with fall foliage. 





Instead of filling the glassware with flowers, opt for a harvest feel with dried plants and wheat. Fall foliage is another great way to bring warm tones into your space, and it is also far less maintenance. You can gather plants from around your yard or go for an artificial choice. Either way, vases filled with these earthy textures will be a lovely reminder of the harvest  and change of season.  






Cozy materials are a must during the fall season, and the House of Royals Chunky Knit Prayer Blanket is my favorite addition to any couch or bed. Layering textures on your furniture offers both comfort and stylish decor. Pair neutral blankets with vibrant pillows to achieve the perfect autumn color palette. 


Chunky Knit Prayer Blanket, $400




Changing the artwork around your home is one of the easiest ways to transition to a new season. It’s time to switch out the vibrant colors of summer for earth tones and textured materials. I find so much joy in experimenting with wall art, and I’ve been loving the trend of hanging woven baskets on the wall. The House of Royals Face of God on the Cross is another favorite for the season, featuring exquisite gold detail and textured cloth.



Face of God on the Cross Linen Veil, $425.00 


If you try any of these trends, I’d love to see! Please tag @houseofroyalsco in your photos on Instagram or Facebook, or leave a comment with which trend you’re excited to try. 


I can’t wait to hear from you!


Your dear friend, 


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