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November 19, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

May I share with you a personal story?

The other day I went to a prayer hour with my family, bringing along our one week old son. Five minutes after walking in, he woke hungry. Because he is young and I was in too much recovery pain to breastfeed there in the space, I snuck out to our car to nurse him. It felt like an eternity before we were able to rejoin the family, only to have my other two young sons ask for help finding the restroom as soon as I arrived back.

The Culprits in the back seat ;)

Once in the ladies’ room, I hung my handbag on the hook on the back of the bathroom door, and sighed heavily from my heart. I knew deep down that our time was up, and I had essentially missed my entire quiet time of reflection...quiet time with God that I was desperately craving to help me process the events of a labor and delivery that had not gone quite as planned.

A lump caught in my throat...

But as I looked up...I caught sight of the inscription on the interior of my handbag, peering out at me from where I’d hung it.

“Beauty lies within you.”

I let out a small teary gasp. When I design new ways to remind people of their royalty, beauty and grace, I try to practice those reminders myself first. Yet, in the many moments I had intentionally used this leather totebag and pondered this “Beauty lies within you” phrase, it had never taken me by surprise quite like this.

“It works!” I laughed softly to myself in amazement. “Right when I needed it most!”

See, even though I share daily about royalty...for whatever reason, I still doubt mine. 


Our first bathroom selfie...hours after a traumatizing delivery (a story for another day). Making me doubt there is much royalty there...

At that moment, I remembered

I remembered how delighted my King must be with my effort of showing up for prayer time one week postpartum. I also realized that He had come to me, in my moment of disappointment, in a bathroom(!), thanks to the words laser engraved on this House of Royals tote.

I can imagine more than a few times I could have used a reminder like this during my teen years...or in college, or dating or at work. I can picture all the girls who need this type of reminder right now, in their lonely, desperate moments.

Don't think you need a leather bag to have this experience.

Of course you can always use a House of Royals specialty item, as each one's inherent purpose and design is to become a reflection of royalty for you. (You can shop them all here.) However, faith tradition has already set apart many blessed items, called "sacramentals" that you can hang onto (for more about sacramentals click here). The King can come to our hearts, anywhere, anytime, and through anything, and this time he used a leather bag. Everything is grace to the King, and we just need to capture the moments.

This experience was a reminder of true inner royalty...and this experience is just what you need in your life too.

We want this for you, Royals.

Everything here is intentionally designed for such a time as this...and for such a royal as you. Open your life, your heart, and your home to as many reminders of the truth, goodness and beauty of you as you can, that the King can reach out to you in this way too. That your soul may flourish in its Divine royalty, for beauty, royalty and grace lie within you. What are you waiting for?

The selfies are getting a little easier.

Trying to make prayer happen with the kids.

Alone for a moment, trying to keep "Beauty lies within me" as my motto.

I mean...who wouldn't want to do their best for this face?


To a life full of Grace...

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December 01, 2020

Beautiful account and may God bless your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!

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