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June 15, 2020 5 min read

Praying in a church, surrounded by reminders of ancient truths and Christian traditions, is perhaps the most ideal setting to center ourselves and refocus on what is most important in life. But time (or pandemic safety measures) doesn’t always permit a visit to the local chapel and sometimes we need a moment of respite from the busyness and distractions of life in our own homes. Creating a small space of sanctuary — a corner, a wall, a nook — as a designated place of prayer, is a way to bring the sacred into your home and make prayer and peace a larger part of your daily life.


There are no “official” requirements for creating a home prayer space, but it may be helpful to think about what items or images tend to help you focus and quiet your mind and heart. This space can be one where you begin family traditions, and eventually pass on treasured items of faith with deep meaning to your children and grandchildren. Above all, aim to make your prayer space a place of grace, royalty, and beauty. It can be a place of grace because prayer welcomes God’s presence into our lives; royalty, because this space will remind you of your identity; and beauty, because the beauty and goodness of God is mirrored in the beauty and goodness of created things.


If you work to create an inviting prayer space, you’ll likely spend more time there! Your prayer space can engage the senses. Make it more than just a simple place to pray -- make it a space that draws you in with beauty, detail, and meaning.

Here are a few essentials to consider adding to your prayer space:

Icons are known as "windows into heaven" and are written, not painted, with great prayer and devotion. These icons are actually positioned on a bathroom wall, a gentle presence of love to all who enter

1. Sacred Art & Icons

No prayer space is complete without beautiful sacred art to help direct our prayer and focus. Sacred art like our Face of Christ on Wooden Cross not only brings subtle artistic beauty to your space, but also reminds of the depth and love of Christ. It brings into focus that pivotal moment of salvation of Christ’s suffering for humanity on the cross. We also recommend exploring our dear friend, Vivian Imbruglia's, Sacred Image Icons, which are exquisite, hand painted windows into heaven. You can follow her process and prayerful artistry on instagram here. A petite crystal Holy Water bottle goes almost incognito on a vanity among a woman's perfume bottles...but is oh so precious within. Holy Water fonts are positioned well beside a door or in an entry/exit to any room, reminding the user to bless and be blessed often... This DELLA ROBBIA MADONNA AND CHILD FONT is beautiful and affordable.

2. Holy Water

Holy water is a sacramental that reminds us of our baptism, and calls tomind our belonging and identity as children of God. Our Aqua Sacra Crystal Holy Water Decanter set and smaller Aqua Sacra Font, Petite are pure crystal and are designed to be both functional and beautiful. Both hold plenty of water to use before praying, or to make the Sign of the Cross when you need a reminder of God’s presence.
Votive candles fit in perfectly in any prayer space. Light the candle in devotion, sending a prayer heavenward with the flame.
Here, we used a natural quartz crystal stone as an organic rosary holder...in the background, a FRAMED TRIUMPHANT CROSS serves as a backdrop to an ALABASTER PRAYER VOTIVE

3. Candles

There’s just something about candles that make a church feel more sacred, more prayerful, and more mystical -- and the same goes for your home prayer space! Lighting candles is long associated with prayer. In fact, you can light candles in many churches to signify you’ve prayed for the intentions of the community or your own intentions. Our Lux Sancta Raw Alabaster Prayer Candle Votive and 100% Beeswax insert help to create that peaceful, sacred atmosphere. Light this each time you pray as a reminder of Christ’s light in the world.
A creative rosary holder made out of organic quartz crystal keeps the prayer space neutral and adds texture

4. Chaplet & Crucifix

Prayer should be a sensory experience. This is part of the reason we use Rosary beads to pray this traditional prayer. Our Royal Shield Chaplet provides that sensory prayer experience, engaging your heart, mind, and hands in prayer as you meditate with each bead.
This Moleskine journal is stamped with AMDG (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, or For the Greater Glory of God)

5. Bible, Prayer books, Journal

Prompts like Sacred Scripture and spiritual books can help the heart delve into themes of prayer. Read the concepts, savor the words and the ideas there, and then discuss them in your mind and heart with God. Sometimes a prayer journal can be the most helpful aid. Here are a few journals we love:
  • Be a Heart has Let It Go and Saints journals full of meaning and whimsy that many young women love.
  • Lee Valley carries an epic tome of a journal called "Everyman's Journal". It is large and thick, with pages and pages of space for prayerful thought.
  • Some of the loveliest journals right now are Rifle Paper Co's collection, full of luscious florals and soft, steady pages. "My girls and I use Rifle Paper Co journals in our daily prayer and holy hours!" - Christina
  • These Sugar Paper fabric journals are also so pretty.
  • For the men in your life, try out a Moleskine and have it monogrammed... This one is the Cahier Journal XXL in black, ruled layout and soft cover. "This one I had monogrammed with the letters AMDG for my husband at Christmas time. He loves that it opens white and lays flat, while having lots of space to write and not bleeding through with the use of his felt tip pen..." - Christina
"Sanctuary" and "prayer space" can actually be dotted around the home, like this night stand with tokens of love from children, jewelry, fresh flowers, and more...with the simple addition of a pocket holy water vial and a Lux Sancta votive candle


Your home prayer space is your place of peace and refuge at home -- a place to recenter on God’s love and providence in your life. Sacred art and sacramentals can help you make it a space of grace, royalty, and beauty.
Theology of Home, the Nican Mopohua, Brunello Cucinell's Solomeo, beneath a Rose Harrington Art Totus Tuus print, relic of Saint John Paul II, Sacred Heart Ex Voto, Portuguese rosary, and an ornament of Saint Cristina of Bolsena curated to create a little spiritual vingette on a family piano

We'd love to see your home prayer spaces! Tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook @houseofroyalsco!

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