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June 17, 2020 3 min read

With Father’s Day approaching, we have the opportunity to reflect on the fathers in our lives. And if your own child has recently or will soon become a father, giving you the title of “grandparent”, you may be considering what it means for someone to be a father and reflecting on what your son’s new role will look like. Watching your son become a father is an experience all of its own. Looking closer though, this can be a very spiritual experience, both for him and other family members on the outside. Watching someone we love as much as our own child become a father tells us a great deal about our own worth and royalty before God the Father.


On June 21, we celebrate Father’s Day, traditionally, with a new tie for dad, perhaps an afternoon barbecue, and celebrating and appreciating all that the fathers in our families bring to our lives. When given its proper due, this day is about recognizing how fathers bring steady leadership, guidance in the rough moments of life, and fulfillment of the role of protector to our families. There are so many facets to watching your son take on this role as a father, many that you, as grandparent, get to experience first hand. It’s a physical experience, to become a grandparent. Holding your grandchild for the first time or gifting them with family heirlooms they’ll come to cherish when they’re older, are monumental events. So is the joy of starting new traditions at holidays with grandchildren when they’re young, and watching those traditions become beloved events as the years pass. Parenthood, and grand-parenthood, is also an emotional experience. We would be remiss if we didn’t address the intense emotions in watching your child become a parent! Parenthood itself is full of emotions, full of feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy at times, and at others, a sense of being overwhelmed with the love you feel for another person and struggling to express your gratitude for their very existence. As any parent can attest, parenthood is not without suffering. If this year marks your son’s first Father’s Day, or if it’s another one of many, give him a gift that will remind him of Christ’s presence in the joys and sufferings of parenthood, like ourFace of Christ on Wooden Cross, made with handpoured wax mold brass on reclaimed cedar.


Above all, watching your son become a father is a spiritual experience. No earthly father is perfect, but watching your son take on the role of protector, humble guide, and good listener gives you a front row seat to better understanding the love of God for humanity. Witnessing your son’s love for his new child is a love you’ve already experienced yourself -- but seeing this kind of unconditional, pure love from a fresh perspective makes for a powerful reminder of how God loves completely, cares for, and knows our needs. This Father’s Day, gift your son (or new grandfathers in your life!) with ourAqua Sacra Crystal Holy Water Font Decanter, giving him an easy way to bring peace and a reminder of the sacred into his home as he blesses himself and his children with holy water.


On June 21, we express our appreciation for the fathers in our lives, and recognize the great reminder they are of God’s love for humanity. A meaningful gift to mark this special season of life will help you express gratitude for what we can learn about life, love, and faith… simply by watching them be fathers.

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